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To further Dance Education in a positive and motivational environment through Master Classes with top professional choreographers from Los Angeles and New York.

– Winter 2023-24 –

  • PRE-REGISTRATION for all events is highly recommended for all attendees – On Site Registration is NEVER GUARANTEED as some cities sell out
  • All Registered Teacher(s) will receive a Welcome Email with a link to the Event “City” Google Drive that includes the Class Schedule, Competition Line-Up, Hotel information, Registration hours/location and the Event Waiver all of which can also be found at www.tremainedance.com on the Event “City” Pages.
  • If you have not completed the Tremaine Dance Event Waiver please click on this link https://tremaine.mydanceregister.com/waiver/ or visit www.tremainedance.com and click on the menu tab “Event Waiver”
  • Upon Arrival, Early Registration Kit Pick-Up is available in most cities on Friday evening before the convention whether we have Friday competition or not. Registered Teachers will receive the details related to time and location in their Welcome Email which may also be found on the Class Schedule on the Event “City” Page or in the Google Drive.
  • A Registered Teacher will need to pick up their Studio Registration Kit at the Tremaine Registration Desk on Friday evening or Saturday Morning. Registration is generally open from 6:00-8:00pm on Friday and 6:30-10:00am on Saturday located at the Tremaine Registration Desk (All Registration Kits will include wristbands and audition numbers for all attendees).
  • Hotel Promo wristbands may also be picked up on Friday evening or Saturday morning during registration hours
  • Teachers will need to designate a pick up time and location to meet and distribute their dancers wristbands and audition numbers.
  • Our Tremaine Registration Desk and Merchandise Booth are available for any questions, assistance or concerns (The hours of operation are posted at each location). Tremaine Management is always onsite and available should you need further assistance.
  • We work closely with our venues related to their rules, regulations and protocols surrounding Fire and Emergency Situations and update our staff and faculty prior to each event
  • Safety is our number one priority and the following guidelines are designed with this in mind. As you know, we have many regulations (including, but not limited to, insurance and fire code) that we must observe during our events. Thank you in advance for your understanding and attention to our safety guidelines below.


  • Wristbands should be attached to either wrist according to your studio directions (Tremaine has no preference) and secured correctly with 1 finger space between the band and wrist. Wristband “tails” should be cut off for safety, not folded under. 
    • Wristbands must be worn for Ballroom Entry
      • Entrance into each ballroom is closed to the general public. You must be a Registered Guest wearing a Tremaine Wristband to enter the ballroom.
      • If you are not a Registered Guest but with a Registered Guest or Attendee and need to to enter the ballroom please ask a Tremaine staff member or Usher for assistance
    • Wristbands should not be removed for the duration of the Convention and Competition – Yes, Dancers your wristband must remain on while competing
    • Lost/Removed Wristbands require Full Repayment of Registration Fees
    • Please make sure wristbands have been secured on your wrist prior to entering the ballroom. Tremaine ushers will ask you to step aside from the entry door until your wristband has been secured properly.


  • Observers should be Parents/Guardians or Non-Dancers ONLY who are attending with Registered Students in the Junior, Teen or Senior Ballrooms
  • Observers Cannot be Dancers, Teachers, Studio Owners, Managers or Children under 3 years of age (No exceptions)
  • Observer Wristbands allow you to observe in the JR, TN & SR Student Ballrooms
  • NO Observers in the Teacher Ballroom
  • For their safety, Children under 3 years of age are NOT Admitted into the Ballrooms during dance classes for any reason (no exceptions). However, they are permitted to attend the competition as an audience member.
  • MINI BALLROOM: Observers are NOT allowed 
    • Only Mini Student and Mini Chaperone wristbands are admitted (One per Mini Dancer)
  • FREE OBSERVER BAND SPECIAL – Guests registered under the Tremaine Room Block at the Host Hotel may receive 1 Free Observer wristband per room.
    • Each ballroom is a classroom for the students first and foremost
    • We want to be transparent with what is happening in the classroom and we enjoy having parents/guardians or chaperones experience the classes with our faculty. It is important for you to see what the students are learning. However, the classroom is not intended to be a social event (Faculty may ask you to join in but you are primarily there to observe).
    • Please keep talking to a minimum
    • Please keep food and drinks to a minimum and please pick up any trash (NO alcoholic beverages)
    • Our floor space is limited and we need to make sure the dancers have a safe space for learning
      • NO Blankets allowed on the ballroom floor
      • NO Coolers or Wagons allowed in the ballroom
      • NO Suitcases or Large Wardrobe Cases (luggage) allowed to take up space in the ballroom during classes
      • NO Strollers allowed in the ballroom for dance classes at any time. However, strollers are allowed while attending competition as an audience member and during the faculty show as long as they do not present a hazard to other guests.
      • NO portable folding chairs or furniture of any kind allowed in the ballroom space and foyer areas
      • Please make sure to keep all bags under the chairs to maximize the seating area for observers and floor space for the dancers
    • Observers should not be seated on the floor during dance classes and competition
    • Service animals will be allowed according to applicable State and Federal laws


  • Please make sure to show your wristband to the Usher upon entry to the ballroom
  • Please make sure to place your dance bag under the chairs in the ballroom so our observers have a place to sit
  • Please share the dance floor with the other dancers in the ballroom
  • Please keep talking to a minimum 
  • Please keep food and drinks to a minimum and please pick up and remove any trash
  • If you are not dancing in a specific class please find a seat so you do not distract the other dancers in the room.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings while dancing.
  • Applaud and support ALL dancers
  • Conventions move quickly, do not be discouraged. Be the best YOU you can be and have FUN!


  • Reminder that Hotels are Public Areas
  • All Attendees must Observe Safety Practices & Quiet Times
  • Dancers should always Travel in Pairs
  • Dancers must wear appropriate Cover Ups outside of Classrooms
  • Appropriate Footwear must be worn at all times outside Ballroom Areas. No Bare Feet
  • No Tap Shoes outside of the Ballroom area
  • We ask everyone’s cooperation in respecting the privacy of other Hotel Guests and all Hotel Property. Your cooperation will allow Tremaine Dance to continue to use the finest hotels in the country for our conventions.
  • Each venue has its own policies related to where guests may sit and eat lunch during the day. Please check with the hotel front desk or the Tremaine Registration desk if you have questions about where you may sit during this time. 


  • REGISTER EARLY – Competition Entry may close prior to Early Registration Cut-Off Date if Quota is Reached
  • All Competitors must be registered for the Full Convention
  • Limit 25 Entries per studio for the Winter Semi Final/Regional Competitions | Summer & National Finals are Unlimited Entries
  • Possibility of Competition on the day Before the Convention begins. We will update registered teachers via email at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • In general Entrances and Exits are from Stage Right but we encourage you to check the city page for details prior to the event
  • Please check your competition line up for estimated Awards times
  • Please take responsibility for all Props (Remember, set pieces are not props)
    • JUNIOR:  7 to 10.99
    • PRE-TEEN:  11 to 13.99
    • TEEN:  14 to 15.99
    • SENIOR:  16 – Up
      • All ages set as of January 1,  for the entire tour season, this extends through Summer & National Competitions.
      • Minimum AVERAGE AGE per Competition Entry = 7.0 Years. Routines may include 5 & 6 year old dancers if the Average Age of the Routine is 7.0 years
      • Minimum Solo Competition Age = 7 Years, excludes Mini’s
      • 50% RULE:
        • 50% of the dancers in each division (Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen and Senior) must be that age in order to compete in that division. If 51% or more of the contestants within the group are at a higher age than the division you are applying for, the routine must compete in the higher age division.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY MATERIAL: All performances must be age appropriate and suitable for a general audience. 

PLEASE NOTE: The livestreaming of competitions has redefined the use of music, costuming and movement for a larger broadcast audience (Our judges will give constructive feedback and deductions may be made). We encourage all choreographers to evaluate these items carefully during the creative process. 

  • AWARDS (For the Winter Semi-Final/Regional Competition ONLY):
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Trophies are awarded within each age division [Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior] by category [Solo, Duo/Trio, Group, Line, Production] and dance style [Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Open] *REMEMBER if there are three entries in a category we will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  two entries in a category we will award 1st and 2nd and if there is only one entry in a category it will be judged against the point system.
    • Judges’ Choice Ovation Award Plaques are awarded within each age division [Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior] and by category [Solo, Duo/Trio, Group, Line, Production] 
    • High Score Plaques are awarded within each age division [Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior] and by category [Solo, Duo/Trio, Group, Line, Production] 
    • Entries placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place, receiving High Score or Judges’ Ovation and/or scoring a 96.0 or higher qualify for the Tremaine National Finals Competition held annually July 6-11, in Orlando, FL.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important for all dancers to understand that you don’t win all of the time. We often learn the most when we do not win. As long as we do the best that we can at that moment in time, that is all we can ask of ourselves. We love the saying … You win some and you learn some. Be the best you can be and you will leave the stage with a feeling of accomplishment. Some of the benefits include:

        • building confidence by performing
        • putting their skills to the test
        • challenging themselves to be the best they can be
        • showing growth and progress in their training


  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your estimated performance time to check-in
  • No Photos / Videos in Dressing Rooms
  • We try to remain in show order as much as possible but please keep us posted on any Quick Changes
  • Shared Space: No Tumbling / No Rehearsing Full Numbers
  • Must wear Cover-Ups outside of the Dressing Room
  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed in the shared dressing space at any time


  • Competition is FREE to view as an audience member – No Ticket or Wristband Necessary
  • Live, In Person seating is available on a first come first served basis
  • Reserved Seating designated for Teachers with Competition Entries indicated by a RED Reserved Band
  • Live Streaming via TremaineDance.com, Password Required & Supplied to registered Teachers for distribution
  • Please remember that we employ Theater rules during our competitions 
    • Please silence your mobile devices while you are in the showroom
    • Please limit talking to a minimum
    • Please keep food and drinks to a minimum and please pick up and remove any trash
    • Please exit the showroom during the applause in between numbers
    • Please do not sit on the floor
    • We encourage our audience to support ALL dancers
    • Competition is where dancers gain performance experience and we want to give them the best opportunity to do so
  • NO VIDEO RECORDING OF COMPETITION in order to protect the rights of the choreographers, musicians and dancers.
    • No Camera Equipment – Selfie Sticks, Tripods, Monopods, etc.
    • Competition Photos and Videos captured by Tremaine Dance are FREE to download as our gift to you! Information will be sent to Registered Teachers the week following the event


PARENTS’ FORUM (may not be available in all cities):
  • For Parents of Dancers ONLY (NO Wristband required)
    • We discuss your child’s dance education
    • No Admittance to – Children, Teachers, Studio Owners, Studio Managers, Studio Staff nor their Spouses. No Exceptions!
    • Attend and participate in a drawing for a CHANCE to WIN 1 of 2 FREE CONVENTION TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS FOR YOUR DANCER (Must be in attendance within the first 15 minutes of meeting)


SCHOLARSHIPS (For the Winter Regional Tour ONLY):
  • AUDITIONED & AWARDED BY BALLROOM REGISTRATION – Dancers will Audition in the Ballroom they are Registered in
    • 3 MVP National Scholarships – 1 JR, 1 TN & 1 SR
      Attend National Finals Convention Tuition Free that season – Chosen by Tremaine Faculty based on Class Observations
    • 1 Freestyle Faceoff Scholarship – 1 TN or SR
      Attend National Finals Convention Tuition Free that season – Chosen by on-stage Dance Battle
    • 2 Tap Scholarships – 1 TN & 1 SR
      Attend 1 Convention Tuition Free – valid for 1 year – Chosen by Tap Faculty based on Class Observations

    • 2 Hip Hop Scholarships – 1 TN & 1 SR
      Attend 1 Convention Tuition Free – valid for 1 year – Chosen by Hip Hop Faculty based on Class Observations
    • 2 Parent Forum Scholarships
      Attend 1 Convention Tuition Free – valid for 1 year – 2 Chosen by Drawing at each Parents’ Forum
    • 18 Convention Scholarships – 6 JR, 6 TN & 6 SR1 Tuition Free Convention valid for 1 year – Chosen by Audition Process
    • 6 Yearlong Convention Scholarships – 2 JR, 2 TN & 2 SR
      Tuition Free Conventions for 1 year – Chosen by Audition Process

PLEASE NOTE: All Full-Convention Paid JR, TN & SR Registrants are eligible to audition. Dancers are eligible to receive each available scholarship ONLY ONCE in each Age Division


  • Dancers are not required to audition. However, we encourage them to take a chance and put themselves out there and audition.
  • Registered Teachers are allowed to observe all Tremaine auditions throughout the convention (Senior, Teen, Junior) with in-n-out privileges to move between rooms
  • Only auditioning dancers are allowed during the auditions
    • Dancers not auditioning must vacate the room prior to the start of the audition.
    • If a dancer is cut during the audition, we encourage them to stay & observe afterward; however, if they leave the room they will not be allowed to reenter until the audition is completed.
  • Observers not allowed in the Auditions
  • AUDITIONS START PROMPTLY – Be in the appropriate ballroom for the audition PRIOR TO THE START TIME
  • Once the doors have been closed no dancers will be able to enter the ballroom until the audition has been completed (Excluding Teachers). NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON
  • EXITING THE AUDITION FOR ANY REASON – No Re-Entry into the Ballroom until audition is over
  • Announcement of Winners – Winners announced at the Faculty Show.

PLEASE NOTE: Auditions are a part of a dancers training. You will not receive a scholarship every time you audition. If you do not get a scholarship this year please try again. It doesn’t mean that you are not a good dancer, it just means it wasn’t your time. Repetition is key and you can’t receive a scholarship if you don’t try. 


  • All Students/Classrooms will be merged into the main showroom followed by the general audience line
  • ALL PERIMETER CHAIRS must remain AGAINST THE WALLS for safety of all guests
  • Performances by the Tremaine Faculty, DOTY’s, Performance Company, and select Competition Performances



EVENT WAIVERS need to be signed by All Attendees as part of the Registration Process

  • Preventing the spread of COVID is still a priority.
    • PLEASE WEAR A MASK & DISTANCE at your own comfort level and as directed by Parents and Teachers. This is important to protect yourself and others and is highly recommended for those attendees who are unvaccinated and/or at high risk.
    • HAND SANITIZER available throughout event space
    • For the Safety of All Attendees, PLEASE STAY HOME if you are experiencing Covid/Flu-like Symptoms

PLEASE NOTE: By attending the event, you are confirming that you have not been exposed, been around anyone that has been exposed or tested positive for the Covid-19 Coronavirus in the last 14 days.

EMERGENCY: In the event of an emergency the faculty will instruct all attendees to group up into their studio pods and await further instructions.  If evacuation is necessary, Tremaine Admin staff will give instructions in their assigned ballroom. Once you have safely exited the building and have gathered in the predetermined assembly area, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR STUDIO PODS AND DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE “ALL CLEAR”.


Tremaine Dance reserves the right to refuse admittance, or remove anyone who does not abide by these guidelines, is disruptive, unruly, or displays rude, unsafe, unacceptable behavior which shall be determined in the Company’s sole discretion.