Tremaine Dance Conventions Frequently Asked Questions
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These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions from teachers, students and dancers from Tremaine Dance Conventions. We hope you’ll find answers to your questions below. If not, please call us at 1.800.832.2050.

How do I become a Tremaine Assistant?

The Performance Company and Apprentices Program information can be found by clicking this link, or through the Navigation Menu on the left. This page and it’s links will give you all of the information you need concerning the steps you must take to become a Tremaine Assistant.

Does my Scholarship allow me to assist at the conventions?

No. Your scholarship only grants you free tuition as stated on the scholarship and in the attached paperwork found in your Scholarship Envelope. To become an assistant you need to take the steps specified in the Performance Company section which may be found by clicking this link, or through the Navigation Menu on the left.

Do I need to enter each Dancers Birthdate on when Registering even if they're not competing?

Yes. The accurate age (as of the convention) and birthdate for each dancer who will be attending the Tremaine Dance Convention must be entered on your Registration & Competition Forms.

Can my student/child move up to the next ballroom level?

Only if they are of the correct age. All students must be at least the minimum age of the ballroom they will be dancing in, without exception.

What if I feel my student/child is of an advanced level?

Without exception, they must register, based on their age, and dance in the appropriate ballroom.

What time does Tremaine Registration open?

The Tremaine Registration Desk typically opens at 7:00 a.m. on the first morning of the convention. However, in some cities, we must start a bit earlier and open at 6:30 a.m.  Please check your Tour City Page 2 days prior to event to confirm.

May I register at the convention?

PRE-REGISTRATION WITH YOUR STUDIO IS STRONGLY ADVISED. We sell out in many of our cities. This means that once we reach the allowable capacity for a particular ballroom, it will be closed and no new registration will be accepted. The allowable capacity is based on the necessary dance space required for each dancer. Once a registration category has been sold out, including Teachers, Students and Observers, no new registration will become available.

Do I/my student/child have to register for the entire convention?

If they will be Competing, YES. If they are Not Competing, NO. There are One Day Rates available for Paid Observers, Junior Students, Teen Students and Senior Students (call or e-mail for rates). There is no One Day Rate available for Teachers or Assistant Teachers, they must pay the full rate. Also, Students registered for only one day may not take part in the Scholarship Auditions.

When is the Convention Daily Class Schedule available?

The Daily Schedule for each convention is not set until two days before the convention begins. Once the convention schedule is set, a detailed time line is posted on the Tour Details Page for that particular convention city.  This time line is subject to change due to our staff of working choreographer/teachers as well as unforeseeable events.

What time do classes start?

We start the convention with a Group Warm Up at 8:00 a.m. and Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. on the first morning of the convention. However, in some cities, we must start a bit earlier and Warm Up begins at 7:30 a.m., with classes starting at 8:00 a.m.  Please check your Tour City Page 2 days prior to event to confirm.
Start times vary on any following days. Please see Daily Class Schedule at the convention or Tour Details Page (once posted) for exact start times.

What time do classes end?

Classes end depending on what time the competition (if applicable) begins on that particular day. Each city varies due to different size competitions, but typically classes will end between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please see Daily Class Schedule at the convention or Tour Details Page (once posted) for exact times.

What time does the convention end on the last day?

Classes end at approximately 2:00 p.m. on the last day of the convention.  Once everyone has entered the Showroom, we begin with the Announcement of Scholarship Winners, which is immediately followed by the Tremaine Faculty Show.  The Show/Convention will conclude by approximately 3:00 p.m.

Which Faculty Members will be teaching in the city I'm attending?

All of our Faculty Members are also working choreographers and dancers, so our Faculty may vary from city to city. However, we typically have the same core teachers in each city with one or two changes. The faculty for each city is not confirmed until two days before the convention begins and is subject to change. Since our staff is composed of working choreographer/teachers, their schedules sometimes change at the last minute. Plus, there are sometimes other unforeseeable events which may happen.

Do the dancers get a break between classes or at lunch?

Our classes are usually one hour each with a one hour lunch break and sometimes a 30 minute break during the day. If your dancers are competing, there is usually a one hour break between the end of classes and call time for Competition Orientation. Please see Daily Class Schedule at the convention or Tour Details Page (once posted) for exact times. Note – in some cities the optional Scholarship Auditions will take place during the Lunch Hour, and those auditioning will need to make their lunch plans accordingly.

Is food provided for the dancers?

The hotels typically set up a Cash Lunch area where the students may purchase sandwiches, sodas, etc. If there happen to be many food outlets (restaurants, fast food, food options, etc.) in the immediate area, the hotel usually chooses not to set up a Cash Lunch area due to low demand.

What time does the competition begin and end?

Competition starting and ending times vary according to the number of entries in that particular city. Usually Competition will begin between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. with us averaging 20+ numbers per hour, plus the awards ceremonies. Please see Daily Class Schedule at the convention or Tour Details Page (once posted) for exact times.

What night is the competition held on?

During the Winter Tour (October – April), the Semi-Finals Competition will generally take place on Saturday late afternoon & evening only but there is a strong possibility that additional competition could be held on Friday night.  We always contact competing studios at least two weeks prior to the competition to advise them if this will be necessary in their competition city. During the Summer Tour (June & July), the Competition nights vary. Please see Daily Class Schedule at the convention or Tour Details Page (once posted) for exact times.

May anyone watch the competition?

Yes. The competition is Open to the Public and Free. No ticket necessary.
Competition Programs are available for purchase at the Tremaine Merchandise Booth.

May we attend the convention without our studio?

Yes, anyone may attend a convention independently, without their studio. You will need to visit the Registration Page, or by using the Navigation Menu on the left, print out a Registration Form, fill it out and mail it in with your payment, or register online. If you are attending with a group of friends, you must pre-register your entire group on one Registration Form. This will make your registration process at the convention much quicker and easier for your group.

May we also compete without our studio?

Yes, you may also enter numbers in the competition even if your studio is not attending. Again, your entire group must be pre-registered in one Registration.  You will need to print out a Competition Form (In the menu on the left, place your prompt on Competition Info then, in the secondary menu, click on the appropriate Fees & Forms) for each competition number you will enter, fill it/them out and mail it/them in along with your groups Pre-Registration Form and payments, or register online.  However, if your studio plans to bring those numbers to National Finals, you would need to register your dancers and your competition numbers under your Studio’s Name.

How do I get added onto your mailing list?

Click the “Join our List” link in the Navigation Menu to the left and fill it out with your information including your Studio Name (if applicable). Once we receive this information you will be added to our list.

What is Studio Dancer of the Year?

The Tremaine Studio Dancer of the Year Program was established so your own studio may recognize a special dancer and provide them with a complimentary Tremaine Convention, Recognition Certificate, Dance Bag and T-shirt. Learn more about Studio DOTYs here.

Have you considered offering a Parents' Dance/Exercise Class during the convention?

We have offered a jazz class for parents in the past but it has been some time ago now. We are considering it again for the future.

If you have any questions that are not covered above, please Contact Us!