Tremaine National Performance Program Audition Information
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Join a program dedicated to the highest possible caliber of dancing!


With the uncertainty surrounding the ability to hold the Summer Intensive, we have decided to pivot and reimagine the Tremaine Performance Program Auditions for our 20-21 Season. The in-person audition planned for August 1st will no longer be happening. Details on our entirely new process will be published and announced soon.


To provide artistic training of the highest possible caliber, offering all students a positive learning experience, developing their craft in the classroom and in front of large audiences while maintaining a successful program.
This Mission is Accomplished by:

• Providing Quality Dance Instruction from our excellent Faculty who are working Industry Dancers and Choreographers

• Teaching the Professionalism and Discipline required to become proficient in the Business and Art of Dance while keeping a Fun and Exciting Atmosphere

• Offering a Wide Range of Exposure to Industry Knowledge that will help in the Dance Business or ANY Business

• Teaching the Expectations and Value of being an Assistant and Role Model

• Creating Professional Performance Opportunities so that students may Actively Showcase their Artistic Talents

• Establishing Effective Communication Channels and the Importance of Time Management and Commitment to Your Family, Your Studio and Yourself


The Tremaine Performance Program consists of Company Members, Apprentices, Pre-Teens, Alumni & DOTY’s (Tremaine Dancers Of The Year). It is made up of an elite group of dancers who desire to achieve a higher level of commitment and training in the art and business of dance. Each division of the program has slightly separate guidelines, expectations and privileges, including the following:


• The Tremaine Performance Program is designed to enhance your dancing and training IN ADDITION to your studio training and commitments. Your commitment to your studio MUST COME FIRST and YOU MUST HAVE SIGNED TEACHER APPROVAL on your application in order to participate in the Program.  We will defer to your teacher should there be a problem and you may be dismissed from the program if you are not upholding your studio commitments and requirements.

• The Tremaine Performance Program is an elite group of dancers. You are selected from many and you represent the best of the best. As part of your training in the program, you constantly have the eyes of the Tremaine faculty members upon you. They help mold and shape you into better dancers and performers every weekend you go out on the road. Because of this, we feel that you do not need to individually showcase your talents and receive critiques from the faculty in a competition setting. Members of the Performance Program MAY NOT compete a SOLO at a Tremaine Semi-Finals, Cash Awards or National Finals Competition. You MAY still compete with your studio in all other categories.

• Joe Tremaine, Artistic Director – Keri LaGrand, faculty and the administrative staff work hard to assure that Tremaine and the Performance Program are on the cutting edge of the dance industry on a weekly basis. It is with hard work, research, integrity and compassion that choreography, costumes and music are brought to the Program. All music, choreography, costumes and any information received regarding the Performance Progam is for TDC use ONLY. Violation of this will result in dismissal from the program.

• Timely and efficient communication is paramount in keeping the Program focused. We utilize E-mail, Facebook and Teamsnap to communicate with you regarding all Program matters. It is imperative that you check your messages and stay on top of communications or you will miss out. If your contact information changes at any time throughout the year you MUST notify us directly and immediately of this change.

• All Program Members are REQUIRED to meet all rules and guidelines set forth in the “Program Code of Conduct & Procedures” with regards to acceptable etiquette, behavior, dress code, etc. Code of Conduct & Procedure info is sent out upon invite into the Program. You are not officially a Program Member until you have read, acknowledged and accepted your position along with the commitment to follow the code and all procedures.

• Tremaine will provide you with free Registration and Admission for as long as you are part of the Program. Members are financially responsible for any extra program fees including, but not limited to, costuming, food, lodging, travel expenses, etc.

• Program Members may be asked to demonstrate at the discretion of the faculty member giving class. Assisting class is not guaranteed. Any classes where you are not assisting or demonstrating are expected to be taken with the same focus and energy as classes you assist.

• Program Members will be expected to work during competition. Not all members will work at every competition. Your work shift will be scheduled at the Coordinator & Director’s discretion and may not be changed or adjusted without permission and approval.

• Each season you will be responsible for a non-refundable Costume Fee. Upon exit or dismissal from the program, or at the end of a costume season, each member will be REQUIRED to return their costumes immediately to Tremaine Dance Conventions. Costumes should be turned in at your last city, in a single bag labeled with your name, or mailed to TDC. Once your costumes have been received and processed, you will receive a costume credit toward your next costume fee.

• Performance in the Faculty Show will be based on attendance and Director’s discretion. Choreography will be available on the Tremaine Performance Company Connections Facebook page and the Program App for you to learn. We strongly suggest that you learn and know all available choreography at all times.

• Program Members commit to a specified number of training workshops, choreography sessions, rehearsals, live performances and assisting weekends at Tremaine Dance Conventions within a one-year period. Dancers who would like to continue in the program the following year are required to fill out an Evaluation Application and participate in an Evaluation Audition during the Summer Tour in order to be considered for the next season.

• Tremaine Performance Program members and their Parents/Guardians must understand all rules, regulations, policies and procedures prior to entering the Program. They understand that failure to comply will result in dismissal from the Program, and agree to adhere to same. *There are no refunds for any dancer that has been dismissed from the Program.


It is important to understand that this program is an ADDITION to your current training which should not be compromised while participating in the Tremaine Performance Program. This program is not made to take the place of technical work and classes at your studio, but to enhance your dance experience and performance skills. Participants will be required to take a certain number of classes weekly to go along with the traveling, training and performance program requirements.


• 3 or more Ballet classes taken per week at home studio
• 2 or more Jazz classes taken per week at home studio
• 2 or more elective classes taken per week – dancer’s choice
• Attend all required rehearsals and studio commitments
Convention Attendance: (Must attend a minimum of 7 cities yearly)
– 6 during the Winter Tour*
– 1 during the Summer Tour
– Maximum attendance of 10 cities during the Winter Tour
– No maximum for the Summer Tour
*Note: Your first city must be attended prior to the December break or you may be dismissed from the program.


• 2 or more Ballet classes taken per week at home studio
• 2 or more Jazz classes taken per week at home studio
• 1 or more elective classes taken per week – dancer’s choice
• Attend all required rehearsals and studio commitments
Convention Attendance: (Must attend a minimum of 5 cities yearly)
– 4 during the Winter Tour*
– 1 during the Summer Tour
– Maximum attendance of 10 cities during the Winter Tour
– No maximum for the Summer Tour
*Note: Your first city must be attended prior to the December break or you may be dismissed from the program.


• Have their Teacher’s approval to participate in the program
• Take a required number of technique classes at their home studio
• Attend a required number of Tremaine conventions, winter & summer cities
• Purchase the required costumes & warmups for the season
• Not able to compete a solo in a Tremaine competition
• Uphold the Tremaine Performance Program Code of Ethics & Procedures


• The Alumni Program consists of dancers who have previously been part of the Tremaine Performance Program and are in the transition period of their life and dance career. You must get approval to enter and remain part of this program.

• To remain an Alumni you must be actively involved in dance and training somewhere.

• There are no attendance requirements for the Alumni. This program is designed so that you may come and go as your schedule allows.  While you do not have attendance requirements, you still must uphold the integrity of the Program in order to participate.

• If you wish to perform in the Faculty Show when you attend, you must pay a costume rental fee.

• You will follow the same guidelines as the Apprentices when it comes to communication, class, assisting, performing, etc.

• Full time teachers & choreographers for studios are not eligible to remain in the program.

• 2 year maximum on Alumni status. TDC reserves the right to deny Alumni status to anyone for any reason.

Please note that this entire program is at the discretion of Joe Tremaine and Tremaine Dance Conventions. We reserve the right to change and alter the program without notice as well as terminate ANY dancer from the program at any time.