In The Spotlight

UPDATE 2011:
Dan Karaty is one of the hottest entertainers working today. In addition to choreographing films like “MUSIC & LYRICS” and “DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS” with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan currently serves as a Judge around the world on ratings hits SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, XFACTOR and HOLLAND'S GOT TALENT. His incredible choreography and thought-provoking critiques have made him a worldwide favorite.


BIO 2005:
Following my term as a DOTY, I went on to college at NYU to pursue my Journalism degree. During college, I also became a faculty member with Tremaine and was touring about 25 weekends a year, where I met my friend and collaborator, Wade Robson. During my junior year, I made my Broadway debut in the musical “Footloose.” Then, during my senior year, I began dancing with Britney Spears, appearing on the MTV Awards and The Billboard Awards. After graduating from NYU in 1999 with a B.A. in Journalism, I decided that it was time to make the move to LA – where Wade and I could collaborate. Things moved fast and we began working on many projects together including Britney Spears’ first Pepsi commercial and the *NSYNC World Tour. I then went on to choreograph for Jessica Simpson, for her “Irresistible” and “Little Bit” videos, Kylie Minogue, for many of her television appearances and numerous other artists including GLO & The A-Teens. While working with Jessica Simpson, her management liked my style enough to invite me to be the Artistic Director for her 2001 Summer Tour. Although, I had done well in the pop music genre, I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into just one style. I was the sole choreographer for the 2002 American Dance Music Awards, featuring the diversity of artists such as P. Diddy, Dirty Vegas, and Paul Oakenfold. In addition, I worked on Shaggy’s “Record of the Year” performance in Europe and on commercials for Jiffy Lube, Flexium and Mattel. After choreographing an absurdly comedic episode of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, I was requested by Jamie Kennedy himself to choreograph his movie, Malibu’s Most Wanted. This was my first opportunity to work on a film but I look forward to doi ng it much more in the future. Recently, I have taped the FOX series “So You Think You Can Dance…” as one of the five choreographers and judges. You can also see me and my choreography in the “The Geek Squad” commercials for Best Buy. I’m currently in development on several projects including a short film of my own, with my sights set on directing films, and stage. I’m hoping to contribute to the re-emergence of dance in film by using my writing skills to mix humor, drama and dance in a vital and innovative manner.