Duvall Dance Academy

Teacher(s) Tamara Duvall

Being a Tremaine DOTY was an experience of inspiration.  Not only have I been motivated to pursue a professional dancing career by the insanely talented faculty, but also by the dancers I have observed in each city.  Alongside improving as a dancer, being DOTY helped me to grow as an individual.  I am beyond blessed to have received this prestigious title and been accepted into the Tremaine Dance Convention family.  Thank you so much!

Hi! I’m Kayla Janas, but you can call me KJ.  Most of my friends do.  Learning is the most important aspect in my life.  Whether I am at my high school, the studio or family dinners, I never want to miss out on a lesson that could help me become a better version of myself.  That’s one of the reasons that I love Tremaine:  it gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.  It inspires me.

I have been dancing for 13 years, and I have learned to find the beauty and truth in each style. But for me, my true love is tap.  When I tap, I feel confident and powerful.  I’m never nervous about shuffles, pickups or flaps. It just all comes together like magic.  I train in tap with some insanely talented people, including Bonnie Brewer and Christopher Erk.

The dance studio is my second home.   Tamara Duvall, Sean Duvall, David Ruiz and Emily Wilkie push all of us to achieve every day.  It’s a team environment where I am surrounded by the most talented dancers and caring friends.

School is also an important part of my life.  I am on my high school’s dance team, where I often teach ballet.  The girls on the team have the strongest work ethics of anyone I know.  They motivate me to work full out.

Spending time with my parents and older sister is another important part of my life.  They are my biggest cheerleaders, they keep me grounded and they encourage me to make a difference in the world around me.  I volunteer at my father’s business with the Florida Hardest Hit program to help families keep their homes during times of financial crisis.  It really teaches me about gratitude and humility. 

I am extremely honored to be Tremaine’s Teen Dancer of the year.  It means the world to me to have earned such a prestigious title, especially for the 35th anniversary tour.  Thank you to Joe Tremaine and the entire Tremaine Faculty for believing in me, and for providing me with this absolutely amazing opportunity.  I can’t wait to begin this incredible journey.