Jayde Howard's Dance Legacy

Teacher(s) Jayde Howard & Justine Coulon


Phenomenal! One of many words I could use to describe my year as Teen Male DOTY. The opportunity to work the competitions, assist in classes and perform alongside the prestigious Tremaine Faculty and Performance Company has been an amazing experience. A special highlight was meeting many of the "Tremainiacs." i am so grateful to Mr. Joe, Ms. Julie, and the entire Faculty for making this past year everything it was.

Hi, my name is Keegan Wong. I am 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I live on the west coast of Florida with my parents, older brother and younger sister.

Dance was introduced to me during preschool, ten years ago. That's where I met my present day dance teachers, Mr. Jayde Howard and Ms. Justine Coulon. When I was six years old, they took a small group of us to our very first Tremaine Dance Convention/Competition and I have been dancing and competing ever since. Mr. Jayde, Ms. Justine and the Tremaine dance family have been an integral part of my dance training this whole time.

At ten years old I attended my 1st Nationals with Tremaine and was a finalist for Junior Male Dancer of the Year. I didn't win the title that year, but I learned so much from the process. The next year I was chosen as the Junior Male DOTY and had the honor of performing in front of Paula Abdul - a truly exciting moment in the life of an 11 year old! The priviledge of being a DOTY also afforded me the opportunity to travel and dance alongside(the best of the best) prestigious Tremaine Faculty and Performance Company whom I admired and wanted to be like.

The succeeding years were just as amazing as I earned a spot as an apprentice on the Performance Company. The next year I was finalist for Teen Male DOTY and was then chosen to be a “Company Member" of the Performance Company. These opportunities have enhanced my regular studio training which is ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop.

When I'm not at the studio or traveling with Tremaine, I can be found helping at our family business, and on off times I enjoy video games, watching movies, anything that has to do with water, including extreme kayak, slip-n-sliding, and family BBQ's.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by a supportive family, encouraging friends, and a church who has some of my biggest fans.

It’s an honor to have been chosen as the Teen Male DOTY. Words cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Joe Tremaine, Ms. Julie Adler, and the entire Tremaine staff. I am excited and looking forward to the upcoming season.