Machita & Co., Inc.

Teacher(s) Machita Eyre

Being the 2010-11 Teen Male Dancer of the Year has been so amazing, a once in a lifetime experience! I've had the opportunity to travel and share my love for dance with a lot of new friends. The Tremaine teachers are awesome, it has been such an honor to learn from this extraordinary faculty. After four years of making the Dancer of the Year finals, my dreams finally came true and I have enjoyed every minute of my year.

My name is Peyton Albrecht and I am 13 years old. I am enrolled in the gifted & talented program at my junior high school where Art is one of my favorite subjects. In my spare time I also enjoy photography, but my passion has always been dance.

I LOVE TO DANCE. My Mom, my Grandmother and even my Grandfather dance. At the age of 15 months old, I made my debut on stage dancing to “Surfin’ U.S.A.” When I was 6 years old, I began competing in dance competitions and attending dance conventions and workshops. It was at a Tremaine Dance Convention where I met Mrs. Machita Eyre, a wonderful dance teacher who welcomed me into her dance family. I am forever grateful to her and hope to make her proud. The teachers, staff and fellow students at Machita & Co., Inc., have also helped me grow so much as a dancer.

The title of Teen Dancer of the Year is truly a special honor to me, a dream come true. I want to thank Mr. Joe Tremaine and all of his faculty and staff for this great opportunity. I am looking forward to this coming year, and I am eager to fulfill my commitment as Teen Dancer of the Year.