In The Spotlight

Teacher(s) Tom Karaty, Candice Mancini, Mary No & Lisa Danias

I can hardly believe the year has passed, what a great experience. I'd like to thank Mr. Tremaine and all the teachers for a wonderful year of great memories and experiences. Starting with trips to Houston, Boston and New York and ending back to where it all started in Florida. In the middle of all that I got to audition for the lead role of Billy Elliott on Broadway. That audition would not have been possible without the help of Mr. Tremaine. Thanks again for a great year!

I am 11 years old and about to enter the sixth grade. I live in New Jersey with my mom, dad, two older brothers and my dog Murphy.

Dancing and music have always been two of my favorite things. My Mom and Grandmother always sang and danced with me growing up. I also enjoy swimming, hanging out with my cousins and friends. When I come home from school, I like to go over to my friend Mikayla’s house and dance and have fun.

I have danced at In The Spotlight for four years, the last two have been with The Company. This was my second trip to Florida to perform at the Tremaine Nationals. This year was my first attempt at auditioning for Dancer of The Year. I was very excited and happy to be named this years Junior Male Dancer of the year.

I would like to thank Mr. Tremaine for this honor, my teachers for their hard work and attention to helping me become a successful dancer and most of all to my Mom and Dad for their support in helping me do what I love.