Augusta West Dance Studio I

Teacher(s) Cindy Folger, Merry Beckham & Megan Luquire

Being the 2007-08 Teen Male Dancer of the Year for Tremaine has been the biggest honor, and the best learning experience I could have ever asked for. I would like to thank Joe and all of this amazing staff for believing that I have what it takes. Being Dancer of the Year isn't just a title, it's an experience, in which you grow in your dancing and in your confidence.

My name is Brien Rich, I am fourteen years old, and dance is my life. I live in Augusta, Georgia, where I am a High School freshman, and in my spare time I enjoy listening to music. I am currently a Senior Company member at Augusta West Dance Studio, where I have been training since the age of two. My Aunt Lauren was a dancer, and has always been my inspiration.

I’m always dancing and moving. Every day, I rearrange the furniture in my living room so I can have a space to dance. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to live at the studio.

After High School I would like to pursue a career in dance and I am so thankful to Joe and his staff for giving me this opportunity to be Dancer of the Year. It is truly a dream come true, and I am so excited for the year to come.