Dance Workshop

BIO 2006:

My name is Samantha Bilardi. I am 11 years old and have danced for about nine years at Dance Workshop. I have two brothers and a sister (Ryan, Alyse, and Jake) who support me and keep me on my toes!

My first Tremaine convention was in Dallas in the year 2002. I had so much fun that I kept attending Tremaine conventions throughout the years making new friends, and learning so much.

I am going into 6th grade where I will be involved in many school activities like basketball, volleyball, and drama, but most of my spare time will be spent dancing.

I would like to thank my teachers Joan Nelson, Suzanne Green, Gwen Price, Lindsay McMahan, and my parents for supporting me throughout the years. I would also like to thank Joe Tremaine and the entire Tremaine staff for awarding me "Junior Female Dancer of the Year."