Sheffield School of Dance


2010 BIO
I have been attending Tremaine Dance Conventions since I was seven years old and what an amazing experience it has been. I am the first, and so far the only person in the history of Tremaine Dance Conventions to have won the Dancer of the Year title in all three age divisions, Junior, Teen, and Senior. I was named the Junior Male Dancer of the Year for 1995-96. I wasn't able to travel much that year, but I do remember what an amazing experience it was at only nine years old to perform my solo among all of the incredible talent of the Tremaine Faculty. By the time my Teen title of 2001-02 came around, I was 15 years old, and had grown up a lot since my Junior title. 2001-02 took me to a new level of growth as a dancer and I attribute a lot of that to my Teen Male Dancer of the Year title. I was now working with the faculty on a new, personal level. Unlike my Junior year, I was now performing in group numbers in the Faculty Shows where it was a team effort and I was no longer just a soloist. Working with Liz Imperio on "My Vietnam" was something I will never forget. We worked on Friday night before the Dallas 2002 convention until nearly 1:30 a.m., then again on Saturday night after the competition ended until nearly 2:30 a.m. to get this piece together. “My Vietnam” definitely let me explore a new type of movement with more of a concert feel; something I had never really worked on prior to that. I also had the privilege of sharing my Teen title with Haley Hellman from my studio who was the Senior Female Dancer of the Year for 2001-02. Having one of my best friends to share the experience with was very exciting. Only one year went by before I was back on board for my Senior Male Dancer of the Year title for 2003-04. My senior year was very special to me for many reasons and I tried to soak up every moment at each city I went to. Again, I grew tremendously working with the faculty and looking back on it now, I can definitely say that Tremaine Dance Conventions was instrumental in helping me get to the level of dance that I am at now. My final Faculty Show performance as a Dancer of the Year was in Las Vegas during the summer of 2004. I could not have asked for a better sense of finalization with the Dancer of the Year program than what I experienced performing in that show. The energy inside that ballroom was unreal, and I can truly say that was one of my most memorable performance experiences. I am now beginning what I hope to be a long and successful dance career as I continue to perform and teach/choreograph in studios around the country. Now, being on Faculty with Tremaine is one of those jobs that is great because I am doing exactly what I love to do, dance and perform. What a ride it has been! I will always hold these memories close to my heart as I continue to move forward in my professional career.