Dancing Plus

BIO 2005:

Being Dancer of the Year was the most exciting time of my life and it made me realize that I could accomplish anything I put my heart into. At that moment, I decided I wanted to be a dancer for the rest of my life and I believe that winning Dancer of the Year and my year on tour with Tremaine gave me the confidence and self esteem that I needed for my future pursuing a dance career. The experience at the conventions and on the road prepared me for the many auditions as well as performances that I have been a part of in my career. After my term as DOTY, I became a Miami Heat Dancer from 1996-99. Then I made the move to Los Angeles and lived and worked there as a professional dancer for four years. During that time I danced in industrials for Sony, Nike and Speedo and worked with such artists as Macy Gray, LFO and Trina, who I’m also currently touring with. I’ve also been in commercials for AT&T, Old Navy and Ford and appeared on the American Music Awards with Tony Braxton, the 2004 Video Music Awards with P-Diddy and Mace and the 2005 Video Music Awards with Kanye West and Jaime Foxx. I have also danced on tour with many artists as well as performing with them on various television appearances. After moving back to Florida, I had the opportunity to join the Heat again and I’m so excited to be back. The experiences that I’ve had while with the Heat have been truly amazing! Happy 25th Anniversary Tremaine! You provide a wonderful experience for dancers. I will always have all of you in my heart. Thank you for making such an amazing impact on my life. I love you all!