Dance FX

Teacher(s) Joan Bartoletti & Julie Bartoletti Brown

My name is Emily Figueroa, but most people call me “Fig.” I am from South Florida where I attend the New World School of the Performing Arts. At age 8, I began taking dance classes ranging from jazz to belly dancing at Dancer’s Gallery. I fell in love with dancing early on. At age 13, I transitioned to Dance FX in Sunrise. There, I was welcomed by studio owner Joan Bartoletti and artistic director Julie Bartoletti. I currently train at Dance FX in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap and pointe.

Looking back at my dance experience, it is hard for me to recall a time when Tremaine wasn’t at the forefront of my journey. After my first year taking classes at Tremaine, I visited as many cities as I could. Every weekend I grow and evolve as both a dancer and a human. Thanks to them, I am able to better myself in every aspect of my life. These incredible people lead by example. 

Outside of Tremaine, my family and friends have been my biggest supporters. It is a blessing to have them in my life. Momma Fig, Dina and Papa Fig are my rocks. I can’t thank them enough for the sacrifices they have made to get me here. Their dedication to both my brother Nik and I is immeasurable. My brother, my partner in crime, has also been my right-hand man all of these years. I am proud to be his sister. And where would I be without a team of some of the best teachers ever? Joan Bartloletti, Julie Bartoletti, Di Young, Adele Villalon, Carly Jo Higgins and Kristin Juliano… Thank you for letting me learn from you all.

Thank you Joe Tremaine and the entire faculty for providing me this life-changing opportunity. I am still in complete awe that I have been awarded this prestigious title. I have watched countless former DOTYs, and they have inspired me so much. I can’t believe that I am actually one of them now.  I cannot wait for this 2016-2017 season to start. Let the journey begin!