Synergy Dance Academy

Teacher(s) Kari Fisher

Over the past 13 years, with help from Tremaine, I have been molded into the person and dancer I have always wanted to be. The person I would like to thank most is Joe Tremaine, who has provided me with the experience of a lifetime. Being the Senior Male Dancer of the Year has taught me dedication, responsibility and confidence - all things I need to prepare myself for my future as a dancer. having been a part of Tremaine, I feel like I am ready to take on anything.

I started dancing at West Side Performing Arts, under the direction of Sharon Butler, and began to compete at age nine. That was when I attended my first Tremaine convention. At that convention I received a one time scholarship and was hooked from then on. I have attended various Tremaine regionals and their nationals in Orlando every year since. In 2009, I decided to attend the Tremaine Los Angeles Summer Intensive and audition for the Tremaine Performance Program. I am now going on my fifth year on the program and have loved every minute of it. In 2012, West Side Performing Arts had come to a close, and I made the decision to attend Synergy Dance Academy that opened the following fall. I have had an amazing experience there and am so grateful for all of the teachers who have pushed me and made me the dancer I am today.

Being awarded the title “Senior Male Dancer of The Year” is truly one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I cannot thank Joe Tremaine and the faculty enough for giving me this amazing opportunity. I am excited and honored to tour with Tremaine as the Senior Male DOTY to inspire and be inspired by dancers across the country. I have truly been blessed with this chance to work with the amazing Tremaine faculty, and I plan to make every second count. Again, thank you so much for choosing me as a representative of Tremaine.