Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center

Teacher(s) Dori Matkowski

My name is Seth Weinstein; I am 14 years old and will be entering high school in the fall as a freshman. I live in West Bloomfield, MI, with my Mom and my older sister.

It all started with my sister Stephanie who danced for 16 years. When I was little, my Mom took me to all her competitions, classes, and conventions. It looked like fun and I wanted to join in. Instead, my parents made me try sports; baseball, soccer, and swimming but none of them seemed to fit me. Finally at 5 years old, they gave in and let me take one dance class. They all said I would get bored and quit, but ever since then I have loved to dance my heart out! When I am not dancing I perform in my school choir, band and theatrical productions. So no matter if I’m in dance class or not, I’m always performing!

All the staff and students from my studio, Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center, have helped me so much to get to where I am today. Not only do they teach us how to point our toes and turn out, but they also provide life lessons to be better people. They even have the most boys at a dance studio than any other place I know of, so I have lots of mentoring from the older boys too. From ballet to tap, they’ve got it all!

I have attended Tremaine for 4 years now and I am so honored to be able to represent all the talented kids out there who love to dance, as Teen DOTY. I can’t thank Mr. Joe, Miss Julie, and all the Tremaine staff enough for this awesome opportunity. I also would like to thank all my teachers, friends, and family, and especially my director Mrs. Dori, my Mom and Dad, and my sister for always supporting me to be the best at all I do and being there to help me follow my dreams.