Dance FX

Teacher(s) Joan Bartoletti & Julie Bartoletti

From the moment I was named Senior Male Dancer of the Year my life has elevated ten-fold. By giving me the privilege of dancing with the Tremaine faculty and assistants, I have learned the importance of being a leader, teacher, and what it takes to become a true performer. This past year has been tremendously rewarding to me and I thank Joe along with his staff and assistants for a truly gratifying year.

Hi my name is Blair Edwards, I am 16 years old and currently in my senior year of high school. I was born and raised in England. Our family moved to Florida when I was 9 years old. I come from a family of 8, Mom and Dad, 2 older brothers, 2 younger brothers and my sister who is the youngest. My whole family has been in tune with dancing and singing. My two older brothers sing rap and play the piano and consider themselves “bedroom dancers”, so we all practically dance.

My parents would tell me, that since I was a toddler, whenever music would hit my eardrums, I started to dance full out and keep everyone thoroughly entertained. When watching dancers on TV, I somehow could always reenact what they did. Obviously this would include artists like Michael Jackson. During middle school I took up playing instruments such as the clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophone. When I was 13 my parents enrolled me and my siblings at a dance studio, starting off with hip-hop. It wasn’t long before the teachers wanted to introduce us to other forms of dancing. I will admit that back then, ballet to me was torture. But after awhile not only seeing my siblings dance and other kids at competition made me realize that dancing isn’t half bad. After my third year of dancing I switched to my current studio, Dance FX. From here Ms. Julie Bartoletti and Ms. Joan Bartoletti indulged me and propelled me to a higher level of dancing. I was so taken aback from their thirst for dancing and that all of the students had a high level dancing ability. I felt that I was finally in the right place to be.

When I first attended Tremaine at the age of 14, the experience was phenomenal. To be surrounded by all of the choreographer’s different styles and techniques clearly has also enhanced me as a dancer. Every year I tried out for the scholarships, and never made it through to the end. I guess if this happened to someone else perhaps they may get discouraged or even think to stop trying out. But for me this only made me dance harder, and get to the level to be recognized as a dancer. So for this year to be awarded as a DOTY, it truly shows me that my hard work has paid off finally. I would like to truly thank my Mom and Dad, my brothers and sister, Ms. Julie and Ms. Joan, my fellow dancers, Mr. Joe Tremaine and every faculty member for the support and push I need to get where I am today.