Orange County Performing Arts Academy

BIO 2005:

Hey everybody! I was the 2003-04, Junior Female Dancer of the Year. Traveling with the Tremaine family was soooo much fun and I learned a lot from the faculty. After my term ended, I went to Austin, TX for American Ballet Theater's intensive for four weeks. I had a lot of fun being independent, improving my technique and learning different ballet styles. Since my term, I also switched studios and went to MKR Dance Productions. In March, I had the great honor of performing with Sheffield School of the Dance in their AIDS benefit performance called "Imagine . . . a performance for life.” I received third over all Teen solo out of 149 competitors at Showbiz in Riverside, CA. WooHoo! I'm still very busy with school and dance. This fall I will be taking Freshman classes in school even though I should be in eighth grade. (I'll be even busier!) Always take your ballet classes because taking class from my ballet teacher is the main reason that I have excelled so much in dance. Anyway, my perspective in dance has changed a lot since my experience as dancer of the year. Keep smiling and work hard in class!