Dance FX

Well, the years since being a DOTY, I have held quite a number of different goals and achievements that I would love to share. My dance career has successfully continued throughout the past few years. I teach my style of hip hop and jazz at three studios in Florida - Lu-na, Dance Fx and Jupiter Dance Academy. Even though I miss taking class from a variety of different talented teachers, I have found that you can be just as inspired each time you watch a student develop into a more confident dancer. My first major achievement is that I own and operate a S.F.L.A. Entertainment Company, "Screamin' Entertainment," providing the hottest MC's, DJ's, and dancer's for any type of event. The company has exceeded all of my dreams and expectations and is my main focus to date. My personal life involves an amazing woman, my high school sweetheart, Gina Francis who I love and admire. She actually is the one responsible for the majority of my success. She currently dances professionally for the Miami Heat Basketball Team and does choreography and master classes all over South Florida. Gina brought me to a Tremaine Dance Convention as a guest when I was fifteen. After being inspired but having no dance experience, the week after I jumped into about 12-15 hours worth of ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip hop at Dance FX. This is where I gained my knowledge and passion for this art form. Gina and I have many goals and plans for the future and hopefully we will achieve them together. Tremaine's staff has always taught and preached to their students about great life lessons. One of my favorites was that once you find what it is your looking for, go after it, achieve it, remember nothing is impossible and if you work hard, the sky is the limit. I feel this is a mind-frame that I acquired when I was DOTY. It's all about working hard, pushing forward, and enjoying life. To Gina, the Dance FX family, and the entire Tremaine staff, "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING." My life from the start of being a DOTY has been nothing but positive and rewarding. THANK YOU.