Nancy Pattison's Dance World

UPDATE 9/25/08 - Rochelle is in New York rehearsing for the North American Tour of Billy Joel & Twyla Tharp's musical "Movin Out" which will begin in late October.

I enjoyed myself so much that, after my amazing and exciting year, 1998-99, as Jr. Female DOTY, I traveled with Tremaine for one more year as an assistant. In 2000, I made it as a WNBA Shockwave Dancer and I was also asked to choreograph for the Shockwave Dance Team in Detroit, Michigan. I helped out for a short period of time with choreographing for the Detroit Fury Dancers (indoor football dancers) in Detroit. The next year, although I was much too young at 12 to be a Piston Dancer, I was asked to choreograph for the Detroit Piston Dancers, which I did for a year and a half. I then took a couple of years off dance due to health concerns as well as the passing of my little sister Kelly. Once I got a clean bill of health to dance, I went to a Tremaine Convention and everyone made me feel at home once again. Shortly after that I auditioned for a Disney movie called "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," starring Lindsay Lohan and, after a week of auditions, my Agent called to inform me that I had been cast as one of the 8 female Dancers in the movie. We filmed in Toronto during the summer of 2003. It was a terrific experience although a lot of hard work, at times putting in 18 hour days. I began teaching at The Academy for the Arts in my small hometown of Amherstburg, and was hired to teach children’s dance therapy in a government study to prove that children can benefit from the arts when used as part of their therapy. I then finished my first year of University in Windsor, Ontario where I enrolled in a BA Honors Psychology program. I would like to be a Psychologist for children one day but I also want to dance, as this is my first love. I just recently got married and currently live in California and teach for Princess Cruiselines. I feel that being a DOTY, gave me confidence and the opportunity to meet and work with some of the dance industries most amazing people. Everything that I have gained and learned will follow me all through life and will help me with my future dreams of dancing/acting and also my Psychology career. I have also learned some important life lessons too, one being that I can do anything I put my mind and heart into. Thanks so much to Joe Tremaine for providing an amazing opportunity to all young people and for his staff that always went above and beyond to help us out and most of all for inviting me into your Tremaine Family and for making my dreams come true.