Creative Expressions

BIO 2005:

After being a DOTY, I became upset by negative reactions from some other dancers in my area and I quit dance for a year. After dealing with that situation, as well as a few others in my life, I was feeling extremely depressed and was failing high school with a 1.5 GPA in my sophomore year. However, I went to summer school, started going to church, and pulled my GPA up to a 2.5 by the time I graduated and learned to love myself enough to not let the negative attitudes of other people bother me too much. I wanted to go to a college in New York City, but they told me that I didn't have any real talent other than tap and that's the only kind of dancer I would ever be. So I drove back home about ready for depression again until I got accepted into Marygrove College based on my ACT score. Jordeen Ivavnov-Ericson (Ballet Mistress) and Penny Godboldo (Modern Dance) are both great artist within their own right with outstanding careers in dance and they thought I had potential. They nurtured and loved me into the dancer that most people want to work with today. I thank God for them every day and I love them like they are family. In the summer of 2003 I studied at The Ailey School in NYC and became better than I had ever been before. I transferred from Marygrove College in Detroit and am now in my junior year of college at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor on a full Merit scholarship for talent and intelligence. Of course I'm still dancing because if I wasn't I would be dead. Mr. Tremaine, thank you for this opportunity and I want to let you and the rest of my Tremaine family know that I still love them all.