Terry Lindholm - Featured April 2008

Dancer/Choreographer/Educator/Director/Talent Agent

Faculty Member 1989-2001

1. Where were you born? Park Ridge, Illinois
2. Where did you grow up? Buffalo Grove, Illinois
3. When & why did you start dancing? My mom, Bonnie Lindholm, is a Dance Teacher so it was a natural evolution being that dance was such a big part of our lives. My sister, Corrinna and I danced it was what we did!!!! As far as the decision to become a dancer was for a few different reasons… it was part competition with my sister that drove me to be better but also dance was something that was comfortable for me. I was not great at sports and frankly was not that great of a dancer but once I decided that I wanted to be better something clicked and I was off and running. Maybe if I had made that same connection in sports the same would have happened there.
PHOTOS - left to right:
Terry and his sister Corrinna Lindholm ready for their dance recital as children.
With his mother Bonnie Lindholm and Joe Tremaine.
4. When & why did you decide you wanted to be a professional dancer? By the time I was going to high school my sister and I had been studying with my mom as well as at the Gus Giordano Dance Center, the Lou Conte Dance Studio and at The Chicago City Ballet. I had auditioned for the Chicago Academy for the Arts and was accepted but had decided I wanted to go to regular high school and pursue the drums which I had also played in junior high. After attending summer marching band practice I decided that I may have made a mistake. So I accepted a scholarship to attend the Chicago Academy for the Arts and graduated from there in 1987. During that time I danced on scholarship at the Lou Conte Dance Studio, studied with Richard Ellis and Christine DuBoulay and danced with the Chi-Town Jazz Dance Company as well as dancing in Ruth Page’s Nutcracker and Chicago’s 150th birthday celebration with the Hubbard Street Dance Company. But deciding what to do about being a professional dancer was still a very difficult decision because I was intrigued by science and was involved in the AP biology program thinking that I may go to college to become a chiropractor. The rest of this story was kind of sparked by my meeting Joe Tremaine and the inspiration he and Al Gilbert had given me. Both of which I had met because of my mothers dance studio.
5. What projects did you work on as a professional dancer? Wow … lets see … some of the most memorable would have to be … dancing 3 times on the Academy Awards (Oscars) Telecast, touring with Reba McEntire, the feature film Newsies, Tap and Gypsy with Bette Midler, as well as working on In Living Color, The American Music Awards and workshopping the Broadway show Parade. Lastly I choreographed the score of the film the Thomas Crown Affair and the premiere shows for many of the Disney films including Toy Story and Mulan.
6. What celebrity entertainers and/or choreographers have you worked with? Not that many celebrities …Reba McEntire, Lucie Arnaz, Bette Midler, Donna Summer, Christian Bale… Choreographers… Michael Peters, Debbie Allen, Jerry Evans, Kenny Ortega, Danny Ezralow, Rosie Perez, Scott Salmon, Marguerite Derricks, Tam Warner, Vincent Paterson, Shanda Sawyer…
PHOTOS - left to right:
Terry on stage with Reba McEntire. On stage with Lucie Arnaz.
7. How did you meet Joe Tremaine? I met Joe Tremaine when we attended a Tremaine Dance Convention in Chicago in Feb of 1986. This was an amazing experience for me because I was always referred to as the jazz dance guy so I felt like this was a perfect fit for me… even though Joe will tell you I had A LOT to learn.
Also on faculty at the convention was Al Gilbert who my mom had brought in to teach at our studio and we had become friends with. During this convention I had auditioned for a month long scholarship and received one. This did in fact change my career path for sure … Al had been encouraging me to come to LA and after I had received the scholarship I didn’t see any reason not to go. Joan and George Lather (Barry’s mom and dad) had helped my mom and dad find a place for me to live and Al gave me a job teaching for him and assisting him at conventions and Joe put me on regular scholarship at his school. What a true blessing.
8. What was your favorite part of being with Tremaine Dance Conventions? I have to honestly say that there are so many wonderful elements to the conventions … first I would have to say that meeting such wonderful dancers and teachers from all over the country is such an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience… to be able to participate in an event where people come to share ideas… it is just an exciting and inspirational phenomenon. Secondly, I would have to say that the Tremaine family is really just that a family. The faculty, staff and those that I have met throughout my tenure are still some of the closest people in my life… the community of dance is so small that these relationships are intertwined in our careers and lives. Here is an example … my grandmother who I unfortunately just lost loved Joe dearly and Joe sent her a card every year on Christmas.
PHOTOS - left to right:
TOP: Terry teaching class at a convention. Demonstrating an axel turn for Joe Tremaine's class and his sister Corrinna. BOTTOM: Performing a Russian leap during a Faculty Show. Performing with Charles McGowan during a Faculty Show.
9. What have you been doing since you stopped traveling with Tremaine? First I want to say that the Tremaine organization will never be out of my system … last year I was a judge for the national finals and was also there to celebrate the amazing 25th anniversary for Tremaine Dance Conventions back in 2006. We are often talking about how I can stay involved with Tremaine … because I love it and I know what it did for me so I want to keep trying to give back to it as much as possible.
The road since Tremaine has been a long one … I spent some time assisting Choreographers and thought that I might want to choreograph and as I referenced above had some mild success in that area of the business… during this time I had also been nursing a back injury that made me reevaluate if I wanted to continue auditioning. I had also been traveling judging a lot of competitions and decided that I wanted to start my own organization which I did do. It was called Momentum and unfortunately it only lasted one season.
Around this time my fiancé, Lisa Coppola, was looking to get back into the talent agency business and had been meeting with my talent agent Julie McDonald who had her own agency McDonald Selznick Associates. (What is ironic about this is that I was originally given Julie McDonalds name and phone number by Barry Lathers mom and dad at the first Tremaine convention.) After several meetings the MSA Dance Department was born under our direction and in partnership with MSA partners Julie McDonald and Tony Selznick. At this time my full intention was for MSA to only be part time for me so I could focus on Momentum… really just helping out until it got off the ground. But the bug bit me … I found that this was a new way that I could help teach and guide dancers… and something that I really loved. It is amazing that I fell into two careers that I absolutely love. I am now an agent as well as the Executive Director of the dance division in Los Angeles and partner in the creation of MSA New York. MSA is a talent agency that represents dancers, choreographers, stage directors and commercial/theatrical actors in all areas of the entertainment industry from music videos to Broadway shows. http://www.mcdonaldselznick.com/. Just this week our clients the Jabbawockeez won the show America’s Best Dance Crew with roughly 38 million votes, our client Dee Woods of Danity Kane has the #1 record in the country according to the Billboard charts and our clients Cheryl Burke and Louis Van Amstel are on the number two show Dancing with the Stars with 19 million viewers on average each week, second only to American Idol. I also have one of Janet Jacksons new choreographers Ed Moore just finishing his work on “Rock With You” her latest music video and dancers with recording artists Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Cher, Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne and many, many more.

I also sit on the board of the American Choreography Awards, the advisory board of Dance Spirit magazine and consult on the development of my moms dance studio in Chicago. We are celebrating her 30th year this June with the acquisition of a new building that we hope to turn into a state of the art performing arts complex.
10. Where do you currently live? Santa Clarita California

Now, to borrow from "Inside The Actor's Studio", the Questionnaire:
11. What is your favorite word? Sleep … just kidding … Love - because I am just starting to learn its true meaning
 12. What is your least favorite word? Can’t
13. What turns you on? Inspiring people
14. What turns you off? People who make you doubt yourself
15. What sound or noise do you love? Crashing waves in the ocean
PHOTO: Terry & Lisa Coppola
16. What sound or noise do you hate? The alarm clock
17. What is your favorite curse word? BLEEP!(I don’t want to chance an issue with the FCC)
18. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Lawyer or Chiropractor
19. What profession would you not like to do? I am not sure I guess I would be game to try anything even though there are a lot of jobs I am not qualified for I am always willing to learn. That being said I don’t think I would be a good surgeon … I don’t like blood…
20. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Congratulations on the contributions that you made in the world and please come in I have your family and friends waiting for you. (I can only hope that my contributions are worthy enough to get such a greeting!)

Disney's "Beauty and The Beast" Academy Awards Performance
Terry is one of the center waiters in "Be Our Guest"


"Seize The Day" from "Newsies"
Terry is one of the dancers in the scene
Reba McEntire - "Take It Back" Video
Terry portrays the Bailiff of the court
Reba McEntire - "Keep Me Hangin' On" LIVE
from her 1995 "Celebrating 20 Years" Concert Special
Terry was Dance Captain on her tour
"The Thomas Crown Affair" - Final Heist
Terry worked with conductor Bill Conti to add tap sounds into the score of the film. You can hear these during all of the heist scenes including the Finial Heist scene shown above.