Marcea Lane - Featured Fall 2008

Costume & Activewear Designer & Manufacturer

Faculty Member 1984-1994

Marcea - 2013 Emmy Awards
1. Where were you born? Carbondale, Illinois

2. Where did you grow up? Council Bluffs, Iowa
- Marcea as a baby and with brother Dale & mother Gigi -

3. When & why did you start dancing? I started at age 4 because my mother and father wanted me to start taking lessons
4. When & why did you decide you wanted to be a professional dancer? I started teaching dance at 16 and moved to the Los Angeles area where I found Joe Tremaine. I took his classes and started auditioning... then luck took over... well, maybe some talent too!
5. What projects did you work on as a professional dancer? The most well known was "Thriller" with Michael Jackson. I also worked on the videos "Pink Cadillac" with Natalie Cole and "Left in the Dark" - Barbara Streisand's one and only video, the movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" with John Travolta where I also had a speaking part, as well as many Academy Award, Emmy and MTV award show telecasts with many stars.

- Marcea Lane & Michael Jackson on the THRILLER movie set in full costume & makeup -
6. What celebrity entertainers and/or choreographers have you worked with? Prince, Sting, Paula Abdul, Natalie Cole and Janet Jackson. I have also worked with choreographers Kenny Ortega, Michael Peters, Vince Patterson, Billy Goodson, Joe Tremaine and Barry Lather.
7. How did you meet Joe Tremaine? Taking his class in L.A. and then I followed him to a dance convention in Las Vegas. He noticed me and I have been with him ever since. Love at first sight!
Clockwise from top left: With Barry Lather & Joe Tremaine, at convention with Terry Lindholm, Doug Caldwell and Cari French (now Lather), Assisting Joe Tremaine in his Across the Floor Class
8. What was your favorite part of being with Tremaine Dance Conventions? The love of teaching and the extreme desire to be the best and really educate children and teachers all over the country what dance is all about!
Clockwise from top Left: Marcea, Joe Tremaine & Jonette Swider during Faculty Show performance, Marcea Faculty Show solo & Marcea with convention attendees Ragen Coyne & Dori Matkowski
9. What have you been doing since you stopped traveling with Tremaine? I began designing costumes while I was teaching with Tremaine and I now have a large manufacturing facility in downtown Los Angeles. We produce a catalog for professional dancers, teachers and their students from all over the world to purchase dancewear and costumes. I have traveled all over the world and I have an incredible life! Luck comes around again!
Clockwise from top left: The first Marcea Activewear convention booth, a later incarnation of the booth, Marcea filling dancewear orders during the early years at a clients studio
10. Where do you currently live? Downtown Los Angeles, California
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Now, to borrow from "Inside The Actor's Studio", the Questionnaire:
11. What is your favorite word? Love

12. What is your least favorite word? Negative
13. What turns you on? A smile
- New Years Eve 2008 - Marcea with mom Gigi -
14. What turns you off? A frown
15. What sound or noise do you love? Laughing or a giggle
16. What sound or noise do you hate? Yelling
17. What is your favorite curse word? Oops-a-daisy
- Marcea's kitty Sammy and her pups Jack & Annie -
18. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I would like to own a spa on an exotic island - or any tropical island
19. What profession would you not like to do? Anything that would apply to sitting down all day - have to keep moving!
20. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "It's about time... We are glad you're here."
- Marcea (center) with her models during her 2009 catalog shoot -


Michael Jackson "THRILLER"
Marcea was a dancer in the short film/video
- click image to watch video -

Barbara Streisand "Left In The Dark"
Choreographed by Marcea Lane
Natalie Cole "Pink Cadillac"
Choreographed by Marcea Lane