Classy Composition Dance Studio

2006 National Finals Program: The history, the legacy, the dreams that have been realized... this is the essence of Tremaine Dance Conventions! Joe, Julie and the entire Tremaine Staff have provided 25 years of invaluable lessons each weekend to inspire and nurture young talent, teachers and parents through education and example. What an enormous impact this has had on the development of dance and dancers over the years. You have touched so many lives in so many ways; the spirit, the feelings and the movement that are a part of all of us are FREED! I am so honored and touched to have been chosen Teacher of the Year 2005-06. Thank you for a lifetime of memories and extraordinary experiences I will never forget!

2006 25th Anniversary Memory Book: In a world seemingly content with mediocrity, Tremaine breaks the mold! As dance educators, it is a struggle to find new ways to inspire and motivate students. Maintaining a high level of integrity while successfully integrating the traditional with cutting-edge choreography, Tremaine and his fabulous staff provide the solution! Students come back filled with enthusiasm, renewed energy and a vital sense that if they work hard they can achieve! These "life lessons" are priceless to students as well as to us, their teachers. I cannot thank you enough Joe; for the excellence, dynamics, professionalism and friendship you have supplied for 25 years. Viva Tremaine!