Denise Daniele Dance Studio

2005 National Finals Program: I consider being chosen as Tremaine's TOTY one of my life's greatest blessings. Everyday my passion for dance has been enhanced and enriched by this incredible honor.

2006 25th Anniversary Memory Book: Tremaine Dance Conventions has added so much fulfillment and joy to my life, it is hard to imagine life without it. When I attended my first Tremaine Convention some 23 years ago, I felt as if a whole new world of dance, fashion and technology was born. Those videos rocked. Joe and his wonderful staff revolutionized the dance studio market and it has never been the same. Being Tremaine Teacher of the Year 2004-2005 has been one of my life's greatest achievements. I love touring, meeting so many fabulous teachers and students across the country, seeing great things and only loving and respecting my Tremaine family more and more. Here's to the next 25.