Sherry's Dance Center

2004 National Finals Program: I can't remember a day in my life that didn't involve dance - Now I dance through my students, hoping they tell the story and show the emotions I'm feeling, wondering if anyone will understand? It's nice to know someone did.

2006 25th Anniversary Memory Book: In 1985 I was looking for something more in a dance convention than the ones I grew up with. I saw a Tremaine ad and decided to drive to Kansas City for the weekend. As I walked into the lobby, I was greeted by smiling faces, eager to help answer any question. It was that first 15 minutes of class that I knew I had found what I was looking for. Twenty years later I get just as excited to walk into class as I did that day in Kansas City. I know the routines will be creative and fun, the competition will be organized and fair and my students and I will be treated great. They filled the void I had as a young teacher and I can't wait to see what is coming up next!