The Southern Dazzle Dance Company

2002 National Finals Program: Being selected Tremaine's "Teacher of the Year" is one of the most memorable events of my life! To be recognized by the most talented, dedicated and professional educators in the world turned a dream into a reality. Tremaine gives us all a phenomenal place to showcase our talents as well as the opportunity to study with the most gifted teachers and the most amazing choreographers on earth. Thank you, Joe, Julie and your marvelous staff, for making this the most incredible year ever. I LOVE YOU ALL!

2006 25th Anniversary Memory Book: For 25 years I have been attending Tremaine Dance Conventions, and still Tremaine continues to be a positive factor in my life through their commitment to excellence in dance education. I remember attending my first Tremaine Convention as a student and being blown away by the energy and excitement of the faculty. The professionalism, organization and sheer love of dance was apparent in every class. Never did I imagine that it was only their first year. Over time I find that Tremaine has been a large part of the goals that I aspire to achieve. Thank you for being such a continuous positive force for me and my studio, both personally and professionally. Here's to the next 25 years!