Dance Workshop

1999 National Finals Program: Being named Tremaine "Teacher of the Year" is an honor and truly one of the most rewarding moments I have ever experieced! To be recognized by the number one dance educators in the world was really wonderful. Your convention allows both students and teachers to display their talents in a healthy and professional atmosphere while gaining invaluable knowledge. It is truly an honor and pleasure to be associated with the Tremaine family. Thank you for a wonderful year! P.S. - Do I have to give up my crown?

2006 25th Anniversary Memory Book: We want to thank Mr. Tremaine for giving us years of lifelong memories and extraordinary experiences. He and his staff have provided an atmosphere for students to further their talent and develop a deeper love and appreciation of dance. For his dedication and devotion, weekend after weekend, city after city, we applaud him. Our teachers and students not only learn lessons in dance, but also lessons in life. Mr. Tremaine has built a highly successful business fostered by the love he has for dance and the experience and knowledge our teachers and students receive year after year is something that even MasterCard can't buy. Thank you for 25 great years!