Anita's Dance Center

Joe Tremaine - Icon. Legend. The King of Dance. To hear my name used in the same sentence as one of the superstars of dance has been the thrill of a lifetime! To be named the Tremaine Teacher of the Year for 2011-2012 has truly been an honor. A special thanks to the entrie Tremaine staff for everything that you do. You're the Best!


Thank you, thank you, thank you – to Joe, Julie, and the entire Tremaine Staff! What an honor it is to be recognized by THE BEST! It is truly a blessing and an honor to be named the National Dance Teacher Of The Year by Tremaine Dance. I would not be where I am today without your wonderful organization. You have given me so much knowledge and experience to pass down to my staff and students, and I hope that all of us at Anita’s Dance Center can honor and add to the Tremaine legacy in our own way. Joe, you really are the “King Of Dance!”

Anita’s mother and grandmother, Anita’s namesake, were both professional dancers, and her mother, Audrey Bronk, was also a teacher. Audrey’s love of both dance and teaching would intersect soon after Anita was born. Audrey began teaching dance to Anita in their kitchen when Anita was 3 years old. A year later, she opened a dance studio in the family’s garage and things took off from there.

Throughout Anita’s youth, her mother drove her to Chicago and other Midwestern cities for dance conventions, where she studied with the greats – Gus Giordano, Frank Hatchett, and the one and only Joe Tremaine.  To this day, she fondly recalls her white jazz boots with a red “Tremaine” emblem stitched into them.

At the age of 18, Anita bought a one way ticket to New York City and was soon on tour as a backup dancer for acts such as PrimeTime, Dennis Yost and the Classics IV and Monti Rock. Within a few years, she was recruited by Larry Spellman, of the William Morris Agency, to move out to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.  All the while, her mother’s dance studio, by now named the Muskego Dance Studio, was flourishing back in Wisconsin.  Anita visited often.

Anita continued her dance education while in LA at Joe Tremaine’s Studio Of The Stars, but focused on acting during this time, the late 70's and early 80's. While studying with legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg, she was also getting work in TV and commercials. Also during this time, she sold Porsches and Audis and was recognized numerous times for sales excellence.

However, because of her father’s untimely passing, she returned home to help her mother run the Muskego Dance Studio. In 1988, Anita took over the studio on a full time basis upon her mother’s passing from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Anita dedicated her life to seeing her mother’s dream fulfilled and the business has since grown to serve over 1,000 students from 40 local communities.

Anita has been the Director of the Dance Center, renamed Anita’s Dance Center in 1994, for the past 25 years. Anita’s Dance Center and the non-profit Anita’s Dance Companies have won countless awards – locally and nationally – throughout the years. These groups have performed at the 1996 Olympic Games, Disneyland, Disney World, in halftime shows at several Bowl games, two BCS National Championship games, and at the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. In addition, the Dance Center has received commendations from the Governor of Wisconsin and the President of the United States.

Anita has been married to her husband, David, co-owner of the Dance Center, for 27 years. Anita’s Dance Center is truly a family run business as they work with both of their sons – Jonathan, age 25, and Christopher age 23. Along with their passion for dance education, Anita and David greatly enjoy their 5 dogs. They have plans for continued expansion of Anita’s Dance Center and they credit much of their success to the wisdom and tutelage of Joe Tremaine and Tremaine Dance Conventions.