November 24, 2016, via Facebook

When I reflect on what to be truly grateful for today--Joe Tremaine and his incredible faculty get high priority on my list.

You gave my son the best weekend, the best birthday, and "the All- time, VERY BEST day of his life - period!" when he was able to dance with Tony in Atlanta in October. That weekend showed Heath that ordinary kids deserve the right to work toward extraordinary goals. To see that light in his eyes, to know your child is being encouraged to dream, is a gift to a parent that is priceless. I understand why Joe is a legend, and my heart is full of gratitude for a gift I feel was given to me as well. 

As a single parent, I know so many lessons for life training truly ARE here, and the values I want to instill most, conduct yourself with class; hold tightly onto your integrity; always approach others with kindness and respect, and never accept you have worked hard enough to not try and improve a little more tomorrow, are practiced principles and life lessons, not just a tag line. 

If he never dances a step as a professional in the future, just knowing he is no longer afraid to imagine that it COULD be, is accomplishment worthy of my gratitude every day, but Thanksgiving seemed to be a great day to make certain you were reminded how all of you make so many parents feel. 

Thank you for choosing to continue your magic, and touch so many lives...

Penney Rhodes Rogers

February 28, 2016, via Facebook

Tremaine is an incredible dance experience for dancers of all levels. I appreciate the time and energy the instructors put into each session. More than that, though, I am thankful for the personal connection they make with the dancers. The positive, encouraging, and motivational talks each instructor has with his/her class touch more lives than they will ever realize. Thank you for having such a great staff!

Amy Grimm

November 9, 2015

I wanted to thank the Tremaine team for a wonderful convention and competition this past weekend. It was our first Tremaine event. My daughter attended the convention and performed her solo as an independent and loved every minute of it. I think what I like most about a Tremaine experience is that you have a core group of teachers and Mr. Tremaine (loved him in the parent meeting) that are at each event. I also love that each age group is assigned to a room and the instructors rotate into each one instead of the students having to run around to different rooms finding which classes they want to attend.
I feel that attending a Tremaine event really makes the dancers feel a connection to the real dance world. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience and we look forward to seeing you again!!!
Stephanie and Savannah Walters

February 16, 2015, via e-mail

I wanted to write a short note to tell you how much my daughters and I enjoyed the competition and convention in Chicago this past weekend.  It was our first time attending Tremaine and we hope to return in the future. 
The entire staff was kind and accommodating; information desk, the photographers, merchandise staff, door security -  everyone we encountered was pleasant and helpful.
The teachers were amazing!  Both of my daughters thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt they were also challenged and learned new ways of moving.  My daughters even shared some "life lessons" that were given out during the classes - I really appreciated this.
The judges were fair and gave great feedback.  It was nice to have them as class teachers, too.  This gave the convention continuity and added the feeling of everyone working together for a common goal - great dance education. 
And finally, the closing show was fabulous!  I loved that all of the teachers were on stage dancing and showing that they have a true passion for their craft.  The performance company members are fantastic.
Thank you, again, for making Chicago one of the stops on your tour.
Ann Meulbroek

January 19, 2015, via e-mail

Dear Mr. Tremaine,

We have just returned from out fourth consecutive trip to your Washington DC Convention and Competition with Pulse Dance Studio in Lititz, PA.  I have to say I left feeling more impressed and sincerely grateful for the teachers, classes, and the overall experience of Tremaine Dance Convention.

Year after year we return home exhausted, but inspired.  Your teachers are truly impressive and dedicated.  They build the dancers up.  They encourage them to be not only the best dancer they can be, but to push themselves in other areas of their life.  They talk to them about how to get through a lousy audition and how to turn the thing they struggle with into a strength. This was my daughter's first year in the teen room & I was so grateful to hear, 1st hand through observing in her classes, that the positive reinforcement of being the best dancer, team mate, person, and student you can be continues into the teen classes.  Everything your teachers do sends a message of hard work and high expectations coupled with kindness and heart.

Our studio has attended other dance competitions and conventions and nothing compares to quality and professionalism of Tremaine teachers.  I am so grateful that there is a Tremaine Dance Convention for dancers and studios that are looking for a skilled, healthy, and positive dance experience.

Thank you for the commitment and caring that your entire staff offers to make these great experiences happen for dancers like my daughter.

Sarah Bromirski

December 14, 2014 via Twitter

This weekend has seriously changed my life and made me reevaluate everything. Starting fresh and working hard #tremainedance 

Laura @thatdancerlaura

December 10, 2014 via e-mail

I wanted to take a moment to express my views as a parent of a child who loves to dance. 

We went to the convention in Austin this past weekend and I
must say that I have never had an experience like this weekend. Every staff person I spoke to was genuinely kind, and pleasant.  The doorman Craig was a delight. He was so kind and professional. I ran into another lady - I forgot to ask her name but she was a true angel. We spoke for a while after I almost ran into her- God puts people in our lives for a reason. She was so sweet and personable. She made my day. 

As this was not enough the choreographers were all an inspiration to the dancers. They gave so many life long lessons filled with positive energy and spoke from their hearts. I am truly impressed with your company, and thank you all for being such an inspiration to all those young children. Just by a smile and positive energy they have definitely made a difference in each and every child that was
there this past weekend.

Cherri Talley

April 5, 2014 via Facebook

So thankful for Tremaine Dance Conventions and Competitions. The competition is great but what makes this so special is the teaching from dance professionals who have a passion to share their talent with these young people.  Thanks to Joe Tremaine, Jeff Amsden, Tony Bellissimo, Tiffany Maher, Marty Dew, Laurie Johnson, Colby Shinn Derrick Schrader & Keri LaGrand for doing what you do and being an encouragement.

Martha New

March 12, 2014 via Facebook

This past weekend was absolutely inspiring.. I met so many new people, took classes with some of the best, got to do what I love the most and also won a scholarship to the convention in Orlando, Florida this summer by winning the "Freestyle Faceoff" dedicated to the art of freestyling.  

Thank you Tremaine Dance Conventions and Competitions.

Xavier "Luke Fly Walker"

March, 2014

As always a great convention!  I took my "mini-team" (7-9 yr. olds) so they could experience Tremaine for the first time.  Not only did the kids love it but so did their parents.  I heard several times that the whole experience was "professional" - "inspiring" - "exciting" - "motivating" and they all felt that the Tremaine FacultyAND Staff really loved what they were doing and made a point to be friendly and helpful.  They also LOVEDseeing Joe throughout the weekend.

My experienced team members and veteran Tremaine attendees said it was very fun and didn't want to miss a single class.  This was Tremaine #2 for us this year and will also attend Chicago and Nationals. If my kids had their way they'd go to every single Tremaine every weekend!  

Thank you again for another positive and inspiring weekend for my Synergy Dancers and their families!

Kari Fisher
Synergy Dance Academy

February 27, 2014

Dear Joe Tremaine, 

I went to a Tremaine convention and competition last spring in Oklahoma!  We had a blast.  It was amazing hearing the stories that all the teachers told us about the past as dancers.  It was really inspiring.  Dancing all day and competing at night was a good learning experience to keep up good stamina.  Our schedules were busy but effective.  I never felt like I was wasting my time while I was there.  All the teachers were amazing and taught us so much in the time that we had with them.

One of my favorite parts of the whole experience was the helpers that were there. (editor's note: The Tremaine Performance Program members)  They were so AMAZING.  You could barely take your eyes off of them.  I hope that I can be as good as any of them.  They all had unique styles but could still come together and dance like one person.  When they danced nobody could take their eyes off of them for a second.  I still love watching videos they all post on their social media.  It's cool being able to still watch them and learn from them.  The customer service was also great.  All your clothes and merchandise were organized and at a reasonable price.  That's why I love Tremaine.

Kara Eastman

February 25, 2014

The dance studio my daughter goes to has attended Tremaine for the past few years. We know it is a tough competition and sometimes we don't do as well. But this year is my daughter's last year competing as she is a senior in High School and going off to college in the fall. She chorographed her own solo this year. I was so proud of her for doing so and for performing it in front of everyone for the first time at Tremaine. She was a nervous wreck! She did fantastic! She also competed in a trio and a few group dances. Come to award time, she was up against 10 other dancers in her division. I was already proud of her and told her no matter what, she did great! Well, come award time and they were announcing her division and I was busy looking down at my sheet to write down 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. They announced 3rd and it didn't register to me that they said my daughter's name!! I missed seeing her get her trophy because of it and all the parents from the studio turned around to hug me. Then they announced the trio dance division she was in and again her group got 2nd! All of their studio dances placed except a couple. We were so proud of our girls and so thrilled for them. They also loved the classes! We have been to a few others where the classes are not as good or too crowded, but they always liked Tremaine. 

Just wanted you to know and wanted to thank you.
We attended the one in St. Louis this past weekend.

Sue Welker 

February 2014

Our students had a wonderful time and learned so much at the convention.  They can't wait to come back next year!

Being a studio owner and teacher is a lot of work, but having conventions like yours makes our lives a bit easier by providing the information and teachings that you do.  I am so thankful to be able to attend your convention and bring my students to learn and have fun.  Your staff is incredible, and you are amazing!  

We can't wait to see you all next year!

Lacey Carter
Diamond Dance Academy

August 13, 2013

My studio attended your summer convention in New York City....You are simply the Best! We had a Truly amazing experience both my students and my Parents!...Can't wait to come back in January..... 

Thank you 
Cathy Vucina 
Happy Feet Dance Studio 
Manalapan, New Jersey 

July 24, 2013

Dear Mr Joe Tremaine,

This is the first time I write you and it is long overdue.

Thank You so much for all you have done for my grandson. He would not be the Dancer he is today, without your guidance and help. I also want to thank your awesome staff (each and everyone of them) they have worked with him, instructed him and inspired him to achieve heights I never never dream possible. He still has more to learn but, with Tremaine Team behind him, he can't go wrong.

Thank You so very much.
Judy W Wilson
Proud grandmother of Peyton Albrecht 
(editor's note: Peyton is our 2010-11 Dancer of the Year)

July 23, 2013

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, for the wonderful experience at Nationals. My daughter absolutely loved everything about the whole experience. Your staff is amazing and they ALL are wonderful inspirations to the kids. Thank you for allowing my daughter to express her love and passion for this beautiful art. We as a family left Orlando FL. more inspired, driven and passionate about her dancing. We are planning to attend a few more cities this year during your Winter Tour, as well as Nationals again!!! 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Blessings to you,
April Saskowski

July 26, 2012
Hi Tommy Peel, Joe Tremaine, and the talented Tremaine staff,
Just wanted to say "Thank you!".
We had such an extraordinary time in  Orlando a few weeks ago!   At one point, as my students sat in a question and answer session with Dee Dee Wood, Kenny Ortega and Chita Rivera, after having learned original choreography from Michael Jackson's "This Is It!" dancer Chucky Klapow, I thought "This is surreal!". What an incredible environment you all provide for the students!
Of course,it is your regulars that we love the most :). With their beautiful choreography, and uplifting spirits, they have done so much to inspire my students.  They always find a way to lift my students up. From free styling with the kids between classes, to their constantly gracious attitudes toward students wanting an autograph or picture after class, your staff is truly generous and kind-hearted.
My students and I so greatly appreciated the generous contributions which allowed these students to experience their first flight, first trip to the ocean, and, of course, most thrilling of all: their first National win!
They came back to our community small-town heroes :). Receiving certificates from the school board and front page stories in our our local papers.  What an incredible life experience.
Thank you for all you do to provide young dancers with amazing memories!
Know that you have made a tremendous difference in the lives of all of us here at Concord High School.
Stephanie Pairitz
Concord High School

July 23, 2012 via Facebook

Thank you for a wonderful weekend in NYC!
My 13 year old daughter was all smiles all weekend long. As a parent the weekend was so well worth all the expense. The classes were refreshing, inspiring, and the teachers' presentations were so poignant! Thank you for adding the extra classes at the end of the day. Marty, Tony and Keri had such uplifting information to share--just what my daughter needed to hear. Having traveled to DC for years to attend Tremaine, I can honestly say every Tremaine teacher was on their A-game in NYC. I will keep coming back! We are so excited to see you next summer!
Thank you for all you do!

Cindy Lutz

April 24, 2012
Hello there,
We just wanted to shoot an e-mail thanking you guys so much for such a great weekend at the LA convention!
Our dancers, parents and teachers had a wonderful and inspiring time!  We truly thought each of the instructors had to much to offer and the kids absolutely LOVED every single class (which has not happened at other conventions before!).  We thought everything was so well run, safe and professional and we just wanted to say thank you for making the convention refreshing and exciting!
Also, the Judges Critiques were very well done.  We get several CDs/DVDs throughout the year with little to no comments and we sincerely and GREATLY appreciated ALL of the encouragement and constructive criticism that the judges gave to our dancers.  As a judge myself, I pride myself on filling up a tape with suggestions, corrections and praise, when well deserved, and was so happy to hear other people with the same dedication to adjudication.  This really means a lot to us and to our dancers and it rarely happens at other competitions/conventions.  THANK YOU!
Our teachers enjoyed taking class and learning from the Tremaine staff and I've never seen so many smiling faces on our dancers!
Thanks so much again and again!  We can't wait to come back again next year!
Ahjalia Hall & Jennifer Maples
Thrive Dance Center

April 15, 2012
Just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful weekend.
My nine year old daughter Tamara has not stopped talking about all that she learned and what a wonderful time she had. We feel blessed to have had this opportunity. I am sure that she will use all the advice and lessons for the rest of her life.
Thank you,
Sherry Gammon
submitted via e-mail

March 15, 2012

Danced and competed at Tremaine Dance Convention and Competition for years in the mid 90's. It was a family adventure!! We had so much fun. Tremaine is burned into the memory of both my sisters and I. Thank you for being you!!!

submitted via website

March 2012

We have been at another competition for the past two days and let's just say.... Thank You Tremaine for being the organization that you are!

Cathy Finne

March 5, 2012

We just got home from the Dallas convention and competition. When our studio owner said the convention was mandatory for company dancers, I was not thrilled. I grumbled and groaned and wondered how my daughter would handle a solid weekend of dance, but after having experienced this weekend, I understand why she had us go and I'm glad she did it. My daughter had a blast in the classes and was excited to pick up some new techniques. The competition was run better than any of the others we've been to. We weren't even out of the hotel and my daughter was already asking when the next convention is.

Thanks for a great weekend and please don't ever stop doing what y'all are doing. It's an amazing experience.

Danielle Cowden

January 16, 2012
via Facebook

Just wanted to say Thank You to Joe and his entire staff in Washington, D.C., this weekend. Standing Ovation School of Dance had an awesome three days of dance and lots of fun!! The teachers gave incredible classes and our students can't wait to go back for more!!

Thank you for always having the best teachers to inspire our students to come back to the studio wanting more each and every time!!

Michele Hulsart
Standing Ovation School of Dance

January 7, 2012
via Facebook

At most conventions you will have one or two classes you really like and the rest are just OK... I love that my daughter has such a hard time picking a favorite because EVERY instructor is so amazing! Tony, Derrick and Marty have such incredible energy and Laurie and Keri teach so much more than just "dance"... Love what they had to say to the kids and on a level they can totally relate to!

See you again in Chicago!

Thanks for a great weekend!
Kasey Lynch

December 2011


My girls attended the New Orleans convention for the first time and had a wonderful time. They can't stop talking about their experience at your convention.

I have been attending Tremaine since I was 8 years old and 20 years later I still had the weekend of a lifetime.

See y'all soon.

Brandy Bentel

August 12, 2011

My Idol, (Joe Tremaine)

Congratulations on the recognition that keeps coming to you. The Dance Master of America President's Award is so well deserved - and will look lovely on your wall, if there is any room left.

It must not be easy processing all that you have been to the dance world - and continue to be. You and I have talked about how you decided to put your personal performance and choreography careers aside and "up the ante" and really create a forum for young dancers to learn, grow and be inspired. That you did - and now the copycats are in the dozens. But there will never be another opportunity like the Tremaine Convention.

Since I have only studied and written about the changes and milestones in commercial dance, I stand in awe of you (in the back row of thousands of fans).

I miss you like crazy.

A hug, slap on the back and grateful kiss to you.

Larry Billman
Founder of The Academy of Dance on Film

July 26, 2011

My son John (senior) and daughter Zola (teen) and I just got back from Las Vegas. What all three of us learned from your wonderful faculty was a game changer for us. I have NEVER had deeper or more profound conversations with my children than over this weekend. We return to our home changed. Your message of be who you are, be present to life, be remembered, be passionate, was truly inspirational. And the dancing, well, it cannot be captured by words...

Mary Maaga
via Facebook

April 8, 2011
Mr. Tremaine,
A word of thanks for the years of inspiration and guidance in the name of dance. It was your convention that saved me from the doom of life in a small country town. I'm grateful for your dedication to the art and your willingness to share this dedication. I hope you are well Joe!
Ryan Heffington

March 27, 2011
Dear Tremaine,

OMG! Tremaine! I love ya'll! I've had soo much fun! I learned so much! Im so coming next year! Ive always wanted to be a dancer since i could walk! Dancing has gotten me through struggles so thanks for teaching me all kinds of great new things! You will see me again!
Jahven Tanner
Kendis School of Dance

March 10, 2011
Thank You for such a positive and educational weekend in St. Louis.
Your convention was a breath of fresh air. Our staff and parents alike were truly impressed at the level of professionalism Tremaine offers and that is exactly what STEPS looks for in a convention for our students.
We are looking forward to next year!
Thank you,
Steps Dance Studio

February 23, 2011
Hello Joe and Tommy,

A big Thanks to both of you for all you did to provide a weekend of wonderful dance memories for myself and my dancers. We just returned from your Cleveland workshop and my dancers are PUMPED. Between the fantastic classes, the opportunity to perform and receive professional feedback, and the tremendous faculty show, each student received a spark of inspiration!

A special "Thank You" to Tommy for all of his help with my registration questions. Another special "thanks" to Jeff Amsden for his words of encouragement to the boys throughout the weekend. The challenges these particular students face are remarkable. Through it all they have a passion for dance, which is why with only three months of instruction I wanted to get them to your convention: to expose them to the possibilities of dance. Mission accomplished!

At one point this weekend, I watched them learning a dance combination in a state of absolute bliss, and I was overcome with gratitude that this weekend had materialized for them and that I was blessed to witness their joy. Because that is in fact why I fell in love with dance in the first place - it is the closest experience of unabandoned joy I've ever known.

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in this world!

PS - I loved "Men in Tights" dance. It reminded me of all the crazy dances I loved learning from Mallory Graham and Jo Rowan when I was a kid :)

Grateful in Indiana,
Stephanie Pairitz

February 6, 2011
Hi Joe,

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend in Chicago. I remember coming to Tremaine Conventions every year when I was younger, and I am so excited that I was able to share the great experience with my dancers. My studio has now been open for exactly one year, and this past weekend was such a great experience for my dancers' FIRST competition experience ever.

I look forward to continuing to bring my dancers to your events year after year as my studio continues to grow. Keep up the amazing job!

Thanks again,
Mandy Carlisle
Creative Director/ Owner
Aspire Dance Studio

February 1, 2011
Hi Joe!
You are the best choreographer & teacher I have ever had. I'm from Royale Ballet in Cape Girardeau, MO, that was run by Gaymarie Tomlinson years ago. We always took your classes & did your competitions in St. Louis. Terry, Marcea, Doug & you are still my inspiration and the most amazing talent I always aspire to be.
I'm dancing & living in LA now.
Peace & blessings,
Brianna Womick

January 27, 2011
Dear Joe,
We want to thank you for a wonderful weekend in Washington, D.C. Our students and teachers enjoyed all the classes. The senior competition was very strong this year. There was so much talent on the stage. The skill level of the students today is incredible.
As always, the faculty show was very enjoyable. "Men In Tights" was hysterical! We appreciate all your time and efforts in making your workshop and competition very professional. Our students said it was the most fun they ever had at a convention. The enthusiasm of all the teachers was great, and Tony is a wonderful addition to your staff. He was great with all the students and teachers. We look forward to seeing you again.
Ardell Stone
Lynn Hampton
Ardell Stone School of Dancing, Inc.
Roanoke, VA

January 24, 2011
Dear Joe and the wonderful Faculty,
Thank you for such a terrific weekend.
The class and professional way in which you run the Tremaine program is nothing less than amazing. Beyond just the dance, I can't help but always notice the focus and consistent message you put toward the value of hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect for one another . . . The list is endless.
These are the things that make you all so special.
Thank you, Thank you!
Jim Gibney

January 21, 2011
I'd like to thank Joe Tremaine and his wonderful staff for the fantastic workshop in Washington, D.C., last weekend. My teachers, parents, students and I all had a great time. So much that several of my students asked me if we could attend the Tremaine workshop in North Carolina and bring a few of our competition numbers. I received a good response from the parents and you may be seeing my students and I again in April.
Thank you for inspiring my students the way only Tremaine can do.
Tina Singer
Owner/Artistic Director
Amyclae Dance Academy

January 19, 2011
I am beyond grateful for the experiences that I had being Tremaine's 1996-97 Dancer of the Year. I still consider it to be one of my greatest achievements and am so proud to be a part of this family!
Rachel Frankenthal
1996-97 Jr. Female DOTY

December 21, 2010
I would so love to see you again. You truly were one of my biggest mentors when I was younger. Thank you for inspiring me. I am who I am today because of teachers like you.
Much love and Merry Christmas
Caroline Lewis Jones

November, 2010

Dear Joe,

I want to thank you for bringing your first rate convention to us here in Michigan! We have had so much fun and made so many wonderful memories on our Tremaine weekends. Receiving the Best Showmanship Award a few years ago ranks among my fondest moments in my teaching career!

With love and admiration,
Rising Star

November 22, 2010
Thanks for yet another incredibly educational and inspiring weekend Joe!!! IMPAC sends their love!!! You're the best!
Marie-Louise Gaschler

November 16, 2010
Thanks for all that your convention has taught my daughter, Annie McKee. She is now 17 and dancing with a professional company in Seattle. She wouldn't be here without the experience that your conventions and competitions gave her.
Thank you!!!
Heathir McKee

November 16, 2010
Hi Mr. Tremaine,
My name is Jennifer Moore and I was in Dearborn this past weekend at your dance convention. My daughter Zoe Moore was there in the Junior class and she loved your character jazz routine. She really enjoyed herself and learned a lot. She said your class and Tony's class were her favorite. She is my little hip hop street dancer for sure. She is getting good at Jazz and learning more Ballet, and since ballet is the base of all dance, she needs to learn that more. She has been dancing since she was a tot. I wish I would have learned how to dance like that when I was a child. You guys are amazing. I just love it.
Your team is amazing. I took my niece Kayley there to observe and she was so inspired that she is now signing up for classes. She was really taken by Tony's class too. Kayley has been through a lot in her life and she would never open up to anyone or get involved in anything. I am so happy for her that she is signing up for classes. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see her so happy while she watched the classes at your convention. She was so happy! She said watching Tony really brought her to life again. His energy was so amazing to her and to my daughter too. She was so inspired by Tony that she can't stop talking about the convention. She wants to go to every Tremaine convention now. So we are going to try to make all of your conventions we can. My little girl Zoe will someday be dancing as a star member. LOL
Thank you again and your team was awesome. It was amazing and very inspirational.
Thank you,
Jennifer Moore

November 1, 2010
Congrats on your 30th year! Wow, my 30th year to attend. Thank you for all you have done for me, my students and so many others. I have been blessed to have learned so much from you and all of your amazing staff over so many years.

I will never forget my first convention! I believe you taught "Sing sing sing", Marcia was a little "diva", Doug made me cry, Jackie was a little fireball and Tony was the only tapper I had ever seen play the drums in class! And Barry taught breakdancing! ha-ha! Loved every second!
Again thank you and love you so much!
Tami Siscoe Richardson

July 18, 2010
Hi Mr. Joe,
Keegan's Mom here. Just a note of thanks for an awsome Nationals in Orlando. Keegan has really enjoyed being part of the Tremaine unit and I can truly say as a Mom of a young man who is the only boy in his studio, it has kept him pushing and striving.
I am grateful for your principals as far as what you teach and how it is taught, but also for your real passion for the up and coming, and helping them have access to as many opportunities to learn as possible. You are a true hero.
Thank you again for everything you have done and we are looking forward to next year!
Sam and Kim Wong

May 2, 2010
Mr. Tremaine,
I used to flop around and bump into people in the baaaack row of your jazz class on Ventura/Vineland in the mid to late 70's. Although I couldn't dance my way out of a paper bag, you never made me feel like I shouldn't be there and the overall atmosphere of your classes were acceptance and come on in, but stay of the way and don't get hit. You slowly turned up the speed of the turntable and I watched dancers execute impossibly precise movements at extremely high speeds with impeccable style - and - talk about energy!
You are a true Master and an inspiration for what Dance Teachers SHOULD be.
Thanks you,
Ann Crossley

February 18, 2010
Dear Joe,
I just want to tell you thanks.
At one time I was in a rut, as you know dance can be very cut throat and/or competitive, and I had given up on dance and went to pursue a career in nursing... Ten years down the line I had that itch and was offered the chance to come back... I then realized that I was not in a rut, I had achieved all that I had set out to do - going to your convention(s) had reminded me of that.
I am now back in dance with full force. I teach 9 classes at a prominent studio as well as at the area university. I am also a coach/choreographer for area dance teams.
Again, thank you for reminding me that it's passion that makes dancers great.
Mytrice Williams DeLeon

December 20, 2009
To a man who has done so many great things and has affected so many lives. Joe, where would we be without you? The world was blessed the moment you came into it.
Love ya,
Liz Imperio

October 20, 2009
When I think of those that have taught and inspired me, you are on the top of the list. I thank you for your example in art and business. You have done so much for so many. I will be forever touched by your service to the dance world.
Thank you.
The LA Dancers Flashback Party went by in a flash. So little time to visit with so many I love. But what energy and love in that room.
Thanks for coming. I can't wait til next year!!!
Michael Chambers
(Editors note: Mr. Chambers is an Emmy winning choreographer)

October 19, 2009
It was so great seeing you last night! I used to get your invited to your conventions in my little corn town in Sunbury, Ohio, and dream of going to one, and then I ended up on scholarship in your actual studio in Moro Landis! Now that was my first dream come true!!
Tony Burrer

October 5, 2009
Hi Joe,
My name is Richard Gaines. Back in the early eighties, I took your class. I know you have heard this a million times, but it truly changed my life. There is no reason you should remember me, but I wanted to tell you what an impact you had on my life.
After living in LA for awhile and attaining a bit of success in the music video scene, I moved back to the Midwest, my home area. Because of you, watching your success, your enthusiasm, your positive encouragement, on September 14th I opened my own studio. I had 53 students sign up the first day and every week more are coming.
Thank you for giving me the confidence to finally open this studio and for the love of the art that, under your tutelage, I have decided to pass on to my students.
God Bless and thank you again Mr. Tremaine,
Richard Gaines

September 12, 2009
Hi Joe!!!
It's been way to long... I miss you, your energy, your class, the funky chicken!!! Hahaha!!
As you probably already know from Tommy or Jim, I've been working side by side with Jimmy Kolb (my second hubby... I love him) at OCHSA, as his assistant for the Commercial Dance Department... 21 years now... time flies! About 5 years ago, I also took on the role as the schools Creative Director!
I don't really dance much... my knees just can't do it anymore! Still teach a couple of classes a week but mostly write, direct, produce and choreograph for all the schools VIP events and annual Gala. Our gala is responsible for raising over 1 million dollars in one night to support the Arts portion of our curriculum... Just a little pressure... but I LOVE it!!! I'm happily married 10 years, no kids, 1 dog and life is very busy!!!
Sadly, I lost both my parents over the past couple of years to cancer... I miss them both so much. They were amazing parents and role models... Truly selfless people. They gave so much of their time and energy to helping me achieve my goals and dreams! I hope I made them both proud!
You were also such a major influence in my life... A true mentor. I will never forget the first time I had to audition for your class, I think I was 11. At that time you didn't teach anyone younger than 16. You watched me take Casey Cole's Jazz 1, then let me take your Jazz 2, then you invited me to stay for your Jazz 3!!! I was thrilled and always wanted to dance my butt off for you! Your classes were the highlight of my day. We always had so much fun in your class... what an inspiration!!!
I'm so thrilled to know you're still out there, kicking butt and inspiring so many... I don't know if I've ever said this to you in person, so here it goes... Thank you Joe, from the bottom of my pinky toe, for sharing your passion for dance with me!!!
I hope we can see each other soon!
With love, respect and gratitude always,
Cindy Peca Dolan
Creative Director
Orange County High School of the Arts
Santa Ana, California

August 24, 2009
I just wanted to say thank-you for providing such a great intensive summer workshop at such an affordable price. There are many intensives out there but they are all so pricey. The caliber of your intensive for the price we paid is unbelievable. Thank-you so much for keeping your prices attainable in an economy that is hard for everyone.
My students that attended had a wonderful time and learned so much from all the instructors. I can't say enough to commend them all.
We look forward to seeing you all this upcoming dance season.
Deborah Moore
Deborah Moore Academy of Dance

August 19, 2009
Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience for my son in L.A. at the Intensive Workshop. He's ready to pack his bags and move. I was slightly nervous about sending him to L.A. on his own but as always your people were great and took good care of him.
He dances with Gino and Denise from Future Dance. I've met you at the Parents Forum at your conventions in Cleveland and Florida. Great fun!
Again thank you. Money well spent!

August 14, 2009
Hi Joe,
I hope you remember me, as part of "frick & frack" that assisted your classes back in the early 90's. I've been in and out of the dance community since then and am recently inspired by some of my students to look into the convention circuit again.
I hope to see you soon, but either way wanted you to know what a great influence you were to me and how much I appreciated all your contributions.
Katie Kalencki Freeman

July 29, 2009
Dear Joe and Staff,
Thank you for a great summer workshop in Dallas and a much needed "shot in the artistic arm" for the upcoming 2009-10 season. I have been away from Tremaine for the past 3-4 years and it was refreshing to return and feel once again... "part of the dance family".
Your faculty was top notch... pure class... giving and generous with their expertise before, during and after class... and Joe, as always, you pull yourself off any pedestal and completely relate to the teachers... addressing our needs and concerns in the Teachers Meeting.
Thank you for your persistant preparation... "going with the flow"... and offering excellence.
We will be back...
Jill Swink and Students
Swink Studio of Dance, Texas

July 13, 2009
Dear Joe,
We just wanted to drop you a note of Thanks.
We are just a little dancing school from Rockland, Massachusetts. Most of our dancers are recreational dancers. They dance once a week for fun. They also play soccer, softball, basketball and participate in theatre. We also have some challenged girls.
At our dancing school the New York City dance trip every other year is a huge deal. The girls, the M.a.D. Dancers fund-raise for two years to raise the money for their trip. They have held dance marathons, sold candy, candles, pizza, cookie dough, calendars, etc. It's alot of work but it's all worth it when we get to NYC. This will be our 17th trip, the first trip being in 1977 held at the Roosevelt Hotel during the NYC blackout. It was an interesting experience to say the least. We are going back to the Roosevelt and we are really looking forward to it.
While in NYC we will attend the Tremaine Dance Workshop and Competition, attend three Broadway shows and dine at many of the theme restaurants. We will be sightseeing to the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Radio City, NBC Studios, etc. It's a full itenerary and we are really excited for this trip.
Thank you so much for still traveling to New York City, when other dance conventions do not.
Well, we are really looking forward to a great "Big Apple" experience!
Thanks again, see you there!
M.arie Little Austin
D.ianne Little Banks
And the M.a.D. Dancers 2009
Marie Little Austin School of Dance

August 9, 2009
Dear Joe and the entire Tremaine Staff for Las Vegas,
Thank you again for another terrific convention. My students have always come away with so much and this year, we competed for the first time. Being a public school rather than a studio, we didn't think we had a chance but wanted the opportunity. It was a great experience for my students and turned out better than expected.
Again, thank you for everything! Keep up the good work.
Becky Reed

August 8, 2009
Thank you for being such an inspiration at the DanceLife Teacher Conference in Florida. I could sit and listen to you talk forever. Of course your classes are fantastic too!
Thank you,
Cathy Jarmon

July 12, 2009
What a Nationals!!! Amazing! And you are the funniest person ever!!!!!
Thank you for everything!!!!!!!
Denise Vaccaro
The Future Dance Centre

July 2009
Dearest Joe,
You have no idea how much I am missing you all this summer. Al got a great job in the Berkshires doing the pas de deux in Carousel so I've spent much of my time there. He also booked the national tour of Wicked. I'm so grateful for all you have done to mentor him & my students.
Richard & I got booked on a two month cruise to Australia & New Zealand & will be away from late September - December.
Will see you in New York in January & definitely next year at Nationals.
The brochure for DANCE POWER* is fabulous!
Love you,
Miss you,
Denise Blackstone
Denise Daniele Dance Studios
2004 Tremaine Teacher of the Year
*Editors Note: DANCE POWER is an innovative program sponsored by the National Children's Leukemia Foundation in partnership with Tremaine Dance Conventions. Developed by Dr. Sara Gardin, a Stanford and Harvard-trained publich health specialist, DANCE POWER is a very special program that enables young cancer patients to immerse themselves in the magical healing combination of music, dance and meditation. DANCE POWER teaches children to believe in their abilities and believe in themselves.
For more information on DANCE POWER please e-mail

July 12, 2009
You have inspired so many! Our studio loves coming to the convention every year!!
Jennifer Morrison

June 03, 2009
Hello Tommy,
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to investigate our situation for National Finals. Many competitions would not go through the effort to clarify such a situation.
As I mentioned to you, this is our 30th year in business and we are just returning to Tremaine competitions. My mother, Debbie Apalucci, talks so highly of your conventions and competitions from when she used to have the kids attend years ago. Tremaine has certainly lived up to its high expectations and your customer service, dance quality, and instructors are impeccable.
Thank You for making "old" customers feel comfortable and welcome again! Pass our regards to Joe! Hope to see you at Nationals in Orlando!!!
Tara Liberatore
Director - Touch of Class Dance Studio

May 14, 2009
Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to tell you guys what an exciting honor to have Mitzi at Tremaine this summer. I'm getting ready to educate my little ones today about the legend that she is. Thanks for remembering the real stars of theater and dance! We are in a world of who is hot and new but we can always rely on you guys to put forth the best quality education from a convention that always HAS the best faculty out there! Can I get an amen?!
Thanks again,
Marie Bandres
In Motion Dance Center

Dear Joe,
Thank you for inviting us to yet another SPECTACULAR show! It's amazing how you never age and how your joy for dance shines through every time you are on stage!
I remember the very first time we saw a convention show in Atlanta when Kelli was six years old. We were standing in that big room and you walked over to us with open arms... I looked over my shoulder to see who you were walking toward and there was no one behind me! What a warm welcome!
I can't tell you how much over the years your teaching, support and encouragement has meant to me and Kelli. Kelli danced in her very first convention/competition when we moved back to the L.A. area at the age of twelve. She did her first Nationals in Florida with you and absolutely loved it. Over the next few years she went to several different competitions, but none could ever compare to TREMAINE!!! You not only teach dance but you teach the kids to respect and appreciate each other... that is BIG.
As you know Kelli got very sick and had to have surgery - you still invited us to come and watch the entire convention - we felt part of the TREMAINE family. When Kelli was so sick she could not express her feelings in words, but was able to touch her heart and soul through dance. There were many hospital visits where she had spent the day with an IV drip and everyone was amazed that she would go directly to dance class - that was the best medicine.
Kelli had a wonderful time on tour with you, not only dancing but learning how a convention and competition is run.
Kelli just got her AA degree from FIDM and plans to continue on to get a BA degree in business. She also sent a video to MSA (a Los Angeles talent agency) and just got signed. Kelli is enjoying assisting at The Edge (performing arts center) and teaching for Laura Klein and Ali Porter at California Dance Theatre. A few days ago the agent called and she was in a music video with The Pussycat Dolls!
Once again, thank you for your encouragement, support and for making us part of the TREMAINE family.
Denise McKee

April 28, 2009
Mr. Tremaine,
I just wanted to send you a quick note & thank you for your organization. My studio was at the convention/competition in Tulsa & my kids have not stopped talking about it. I'm a teacher with Dance Branson and we spoke about how I'll be performing in Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby. I hope you can make it! We'll be open May 23 - August 9.
Thank you again so much for the energetic, educational & professional atmosphere that you bring to the weekend. We all had a great time.
Regina Laughlin

April 28, 2009
Oh Joe,
I cannot tell you what a wonderful time I had with you at the convention on Sunday. The excitement, the energy, the encouragement and the inspiration were overwhelming. I am in awe of your never-ending energy and commitment to changing lives. You changed mine too - which proves, it is never too late!
And thank you for the lovely introduction. Your mention of Disney actually brought one of the mothers seeking me out after the show! I knew her when she was a character (Chip? Dale?) at Disneyland. She proudly introduced me to her daughter, and up-and-coming dance bunny, as well as another mother & daughter who were glowing from the Staff Show. I keep forgetting that most of my connections are actually from the 38 year-long career with the Disney Company and the hundreds of shows and projects I did over the years in the States and Japan. As a Hollywood/Vegas dancer, I am a blip.
Your staff, teachers, assistants and all involved are top class. I am now your biggest fan and have such a love and respect for all of the wonder you have given the world of dance.
Amazing (as the youngsters say). You are an inspiration and a positive power to try and emulate. Thank the Gods and Goddesses of Dance for sending you our way. How lucky could we get?
Thank you,
Larry Billman
(Editor's note:
Mr. Billman's credits:
-Board Member of The Professional Dancer's Society
-President and Founder of The Academy of Dance on Film
-Director of Entertainment, WDAJ at the Walt Disney Company
-Director of Entertainment at Walt Disney Attractions Japan)

April 24, 2009
Hi Joe!
It has been so long since I have seen you. I miss seeing you and you look as amazing as ever. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have given me through the years. I will treasure them always! You are an inspiration to dancers everywhere!
I just wanted to add that I will never forget all the amazing classes that I took from you. Thank you for all the kindness that you showed me during all those years of going to the convention and to the studio. The best years of my life!
Shawna Armstrong

Hi Joe,
It was so great to see you again after so many years... You look fantastic!
What a terrific weekend we had in Tulsa! Your Organization is top notch in every way! Your teachers are amazing and talented and child friendly, patient, and best of all FUN. Thank you for my "big shot" wrist band. It was sooooo much fun to watch the classes. You know, I'm just a "hoofer" at heart!
My granddaughters couldn't stop talking about how "awsome" their experience was... the classes (of course, they are in love with Marty and Nick)... the audition experience (a few tears, but a great reality lesson learned)... and the competition (they won 2 First and a Second). The security was great and so important when the little ones are running around, oft times with no parent in sight. We will definitely come back next year (Maybe in Branson?)
If you come to check out Branson, my sisters and I would love to take you to dinner or lunch or even coffee, depending on your "social calendar".
Lots of love and, again, thanks for your amazing "grace under pressure"
Janet (Lennon)
(Editor's note: Janet and her sisters are The Lennon Sisters)

March 31, 2009
Hi Joe!
Hope you are having a great year, and that it is still booming for you.
Thank you for everything you do for everyone! You are a hero and fabulous example of everything I look up to and respect. I wish you more continued success, in all your endeavors, and for continuing to support dance and all the kids who are able to benefit from all that you do!
Hope to see you soon!
XOXO Betsy

March 17, 2009
Greetings from Cape Cod Joe!
Just wanted to thank you and your staff for another amazing weekend in Boston. We missed you Saturday night and Sunday (Editor's note: Mr. Tremaine began the convention on Saturday but left Saturday night in order to attend the Annual Gypsy Luncheon for The Professional Dancers Society, of which he's a Board Member, in Beverly Hills, California, honoring legendary costume designer Bob Mackie.) but your staff did a lovely job for you, as expected.
A special thank you to Stevie at the merchandise booth for being so wonderful to my student, Mackenzie, when she hurt her knee. He and Pat (Tour Director) kept her calm, gave her ice packs and even had her smiling a little when the EMT's arrived.
Very professional and a wonderful testament to your organization Joe.
We're looking forward to Florida!
Thanks again,
Amy DeFeudis

March 3, 2009
OMG! You were such a huge part of my growing up in dance in the 80's & 90's! I think that I mention you at least once a year, so it stuck!
Jill Merin

March 2, 2009
You do look good. I'll never forget when you told me that there were no more scholarships so I came every day and practiced outside the door, and then you finally put me on scholarship back on Ventura Blvd./Vineland decades ago.
Thanks to you I pursued a dance career which eventually led to my modeling and now singing. I'm truly grateful.
God bless you!!!
Brian K. Smith

Joe Tremaine,
Thank you for a great convention. This was our first experience with Tremaine and the girls definitely want to return.
As a mom I really appreciated the final showcase. The numbers were very entertaining. You have a great group of kids. It was so nice to get on the road early and not sit through a very long showcase. The whole weekend and all your staff were very professional.
Thank you,
Jennifer Pelluer
(for Jessica & Elizabeth too)

February 11, 2009
Dear Joe,
After having returned from Washington DC & NYC where I started out the New Year with 2 wonderful Tremaine Conventions, I just had to write and Thank You! For 11 years (6 with another studio & 5 with my own) I have never been disappoointed on any Tremaine weekend. You continue to have the most professional, well-run, and highly respected organization. Your staff, from the registration desk, to the merchandise booth, is extremely helpful. Your stage tech crew are very accommodating and polite. Most of all, in a world with such uncertainty now, the 1 thing we can count on is the wonderful faculty you provide us teachers and our dancers with each weekend. The stability and family-oriented atmosphere at your conventions is a tribute to you and your teachers. It is such a joy to watch my dancers' faces as they pick up the schedule in the hotel lobby and see all their favorite teachers names on the agenda. I will be honest and say that Desiree was missed very much in Washington DC & NYC and Keri in Indianapolis by my dancers. They are fabulous teachers and I hope they'll be at the rest of the cities.
You are someone I have admired for many years. Great dance teachers with a caring attitude towards children are hard to come by nowadays. It is important to me and I can see how important it is to you! Thank you and I look forward to many more Tremaine Conventions!
Liz LeBar
Dancin' In The Spotlight

Hi Joe,
I just wanted to send a note saying thanks for another wonderful Tremaine Dance Convention in DC this past weekend! I attended your Teacher Forum which, again, was very helpful! We had 30 members of our studio in attendance over the weekend and every single one of us had a great time! I am always amazed at the enthusiasm and professionalism of your entire staff and how much they are able to inspire our kids. Thanks again for the exceptional experience!
Warm Regards,
Lauren McCausland
Studio Bleu Dance Center

August 30, 2008
Dear Joe, Doug, Keith, Brandi, Tommy
and the rest of the Tremaine Staff,
Just a quick note to thank you for yet another wonderful Nationals in Orlando this season. We are consistently pleased by the professionalism shown by all the staff and how this convention and competition is run.
Denise is consistently pleased with the great level of talent that participated in all the classes for all the dancers and with the wonderful banquet you organized for the fifth year in a row. For her, it is like coming home.
It is always a pleasure dealing with your organization and our school is proud to return to regionals year after year and attend Nationals on a pretty regular basis.
We look forward to many more competitions in th future. I would like to especially thank Tessa and Brandi for being so very helpful when it came to assisting us with the placement of our props for our National numbers. We know we are not the only school participating and that they have a million things to attend to to assure that everything turns out perfect. Also, a special thank you to Doug Shaffer, who helped my daughter at the convention.
Stay well. See you in the winter!
Best Regards,
Karen Friedman
Competition Director
Denise Daniele Dance Studios

August 2008
I can not thank you enough for allowing us to capture your world. What a generous passion filled life you live... and so many lives you have touched.
Personally I thank you again for opening my eyes and heart to the life I was destined to live. It never leaves you... even when you leave it. This is the gift of following your soul's longings.
Many blessings & much love,
Melinda Soderling

Re: LA Summer Intensive
Thank you for an awesome week in LA. The teachers were great. I learned so much and also got to experience an earthquake. Thanks again for all of the dance experience, I will be back next year! See you on the 08-09 tour.
Jessica Pickett

Re: Orlando Nationals... The Best
Hi Joe,
Thank you for giving me and my dancers a wonderful week of dance training. You have always been and will always be the best class act in the WORLD. I mean it... Absolutely a fantastic dream come true. You have fulfilled many of our dance lives with your giving.
Again, I thank you for giving my dancers the opportunity to excel in their dream. I know I will have more for you to use in your program.
I love you, my friend,
Cece White

April 16, 2008
I am not certain if there would ever be sufficient awards to Joe and all that he has contributed to dance and dancers - and continues to "give." Watching his young dancers rehearsing for their performance for the Professional Dancers Society luncheon, I was awed by their talent, passion, technique and professionally upbeat behavior. Joe has nurtured several generations of "The Next Great Dancers," hasn't he? Very few leave a "Legacy." Joe Tremaine is still "writing" his.
Larry Billman
Founder & President

I just want to say that my daughter really enjoyed the convention this weekend. She loved Keri LaGrand's Jazz class. I have never seen her move so confidently. She also really enjoyed Marty Dew, Doug Caldwell and Desiree Robbins. All of the teachers were wonderful. The whole experience was great for her. This convention was money well spent. I saw a side of my daughter that I didn't know was there. Having the dancers there to demonstrate for the studetns was great. That is something that we don't have at our studio that I feel was part of the reason why I saw my daughter dancing so confidently.
I also really enjoyed hearing Joe Tremaine speak at the Parent Forum. It was nice to hear what we were doing correctly and what we needed to look into.
Your Final Show was amazing. We really enjoyed watching. You have many talented people working with Tremaine.
Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend.
Janice Hoene

Hi Joe,
Thank you for the sweet comment in your letter and indeed my feelings are mutually the same for you! Our teachers and students across America are indeed fortunate to have your sophistication, charm and class, as you are a great example of honest leadership and professionalism in the Dance World. My teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much at your convention in Cleveland two weeks ago! May God continue to bless you and your staff of teachers with good health, travel safety, and many, many more years of successful conventions and competitions!
Thanks again for all you do for us!
Judy Conti

March 5, 2008
Re: 2008 Chicago Regional
Dear Tremaine Faculty:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of the Illinoise Dance Academy and the Xplosive Edge Competitive Dance Team for a wonderful experience at your Chicago Regional event. Your teachers were amazing and made a lasting impression on the IDA dancers. Personally, I love the "get down to teaching" attitude of your faculty. The girls came back to IDA full of energy and enthusiasm to apply the skills they had learned over the duration of the weekend.
This was the girls' second competition of the season. They rose to the occasion and it proceeded to teach them a lot about themselves as dancers. After the weekend, the girls were eager to return to IDA and hear their critique tapes to gain a better insight on how to improve their pieces. They have nothing but accolades, respect and admiration for your entire staff. From attending your convention and competition, my dancers have truly learned "responsible" dancing and performing. It is lovely to be able to attend Tremaine whom educates, motivates and inspires young impressionalbe dancers. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
We look forward to seeing you again next season. Keep up the great work!
Trish Rowley
Artistic Director
Illinois Dance Academy

Feb. 6, 2008
Thank you so much for making the Chicago convention/competition such a wonderful experience! The Renaissance Hotel was a perfect location - We are so happy you have moved from downtown Chicago. This hotel was conveniently located and the staff went above and beyond to make it a pleasant experience. We hope you will continue to come back to this location each year. Likewise, your staff is wonderful to work with and your graciousness at all times makes for a great dance weekend!
Thanks again for EVERYTHING!
Lisa Hunziker

Jan 28, 2008

Dearest Joe, Desiree and The Best Team in the Business,

Words, these few tokens, and thanks are small gestures compared to the incredibly profound experience I felt this weekend. My attempt to describe how I feel after witnessing such energy and passion is feeble; how do you capture such an emotional experience. But what I can say is that with every spin, every stretch, and every step, you all share your love and passion for dance, and everyone in the room can feel it. Your dedication to the art makes the dream come alive. For three wonderful days, your fans can see the dream, feel the dream, and for a brief moment of their lives, see themselves in a totally new perspective. No wonder so many dancers and their parents love you all so much; you bring them unimaginable happiness and hope, and all they want to do is share that with everyone and come back over and over again; I know I do!!

Thank you all so much for letting me into your special family. I have never seen such teamwork and dedication to the customer. Pat, Edgar and the team's professionalism and attention to detail is second to none, and represents a level of innovation and execution which should be the model of all businesses. I know at times it all seems so routine, but that is because you have made it so efficient, that even when there are small challenges, they can be corrected with little effort and without sacrificing the customer experience. Of course when you are selling "The Dream", you have to be the best; and you are all the best!!

I look forward to seeing you all again and I can't wait to be back in my childhood fantasies of being on stage, being the star, and feeling the energy of a hungry audience. In a world so cynical and full of worthless distractions, your dance conventions are a "wave of inspirational energy" that nothing can compare to.

From all of your fans and myself, thank you so much for sharing your heavenly spririts with us; we are all humbled and so grateful for your generosity and dedication to creating wonderful memories we will cherish for a lifetime.

Love you all,
Steve Alvarez


 November 13, 2007

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend in Dearborn - it was just what we all needed. I have been such a fan of your convention for so many years - it was wonderful to see my dancers experience it. They (& their parents) LOVED it. It is so nice to leave a competition happy - you made those kids feel like a million bucks, and you didn’t spend an hour on the awards! Thank you SO much for that!!

Comments I received from dancers & parents:
"This feels so good - it is so much fun, yet we are learning a lot"
"That is the BEST Faculty Show I have ever seen"
"ALL of the teachers are GREAT"

I left with SO much usable material - the most I’ve ever gotten from a convention. I appreciate your seasoned faculty teaching age appropriate material that will not harm the dancer’s young bodies during an intense convention weekend. I appreciate your audition process - so fair & accurate & not time-consuming, or the major focus of the weekend. Your assistants were beautiful - hard working, helpful, kind, not arrogant, and so disciplined - such great role models for all of the students! Than you also for the informative Parents Forum, and Teacher Forum.

The dates are always a bit challenging for us - (working around Nutcracker rehearsals & our High School Musical that many of the dancers are in, always premiers on the weekend you are in Michigan) - but please know we will always put you on our schedule & I know more will attend after hearing the positive experiences that those attending had.

I have never seen my kids dance with so much JOY at a convention before. It was a beautiful experience for all of us - Thank you! Thank you!

With Love & Admiration,
Betsy Carr & Company Dance Traverse


 July 16, 2007

To the Tremaine family,

Before, yes the night before-like Christmas Eve as a child, I’m so full of excitement, I can hardly sleep. I awake before the 5 a.m. alarm, and within a couple of hours, there I am standing in front of the Tremaine counter. Then Joe walks up to greet me as if I was a long time personal friend. And I am always honored by his attention and respect. And it all begins. I give my familiar speech to my students, and with wristbands on they are off to their classes. I can hardly contain myself as I rush to Doug Caldwell’s class, to meet and greet like an annual reunion, but most of all knowing I’m about to feel like that dancer I was at 21 again. The joy is so fulfilling "I AM HERE!" And Doug reminds us all why we are here, with the passion of his music choices, his warm-up, his inspiring/encouraging words, reminding us that life is about living our dance or is it that living our dance is about life. It works both ways.

In wanting to recognize everyone who makes such an amazing contribution to the Tremaine family, I wonder if it’s possible without turning this letter into a book. So I will limit myself to one line, but please keep in mind, that on the most part what I have to say would apply to most all of you.

Let’s start with Keith, "Mr. Efficient" who keeps things moving, which is a great way to start when we want to get registered fast.

Then we are greeted with an "I love you" kind of smile from Brandi, who calmly but quickly goes over our registration packet-making sure it’s all there and reminding me when to turn in my music (or anything else I have forgotten that I read).

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. That man is everywhere all at once. He must have wings, and if I need something he helps make it happen. No, Tommy I’m not "brown nosing" (that’s an old expression marking my age) but I am so grateful for all you do.

The entire, THE ENTIRE, Teaching Staff was... more than the kids expected, it doesn’t get better than that! Knowing Desiree and Joelle since they were kids themselves, it is so much fun taking notes from them as truly knowledgeable teachers. They are so beautiful all grown-up.

Laurie’s book is on our shelf and also many of my students’ that I’ve bought it for. Thank you!

Chris and Marty- personally, well maybe I shouldn’t say personally - BECAUSE every other teacher was loving the same thing - they are just too cute, with different styles - new, new, new with the old and we all loved their routines. (meaning the students too)

Keri, I am forever grateful for those new stretches. I’ve had a bad right hip for years, and I have been pain-free every night since.

The students raved about Keith Clifton’s tap and they reminded me that they loved his ballet last year.

The joy is so fulfilling "I Am Here!" I always feel blessed to know the passion of dance, but please know how grateful I am and on behalf of my students for bringing the best of the best to restore, regenerate, and INSPIRE our love of dance.

Oh, there is so much more, but I must/get to go teach. God bless you Julie and Joe, for having the dream to share your passion with all of us. As one of many thoughts shared by Chucky "make sure the audience feels your passion" AND YOU DO.

Always "gotta dance"
For the Glory of God,

Dear Joe,
I have often felt compelled to write and thank you for all you do, but in the hectic aftermath following a convention, while getting my personal world back in order, somehow I have managed to put an appreciation letter to you way to far down the "to do" list... inexcusable. I think it is important for you to know what an impact you, your staff and teachers and your hard work have had on me, my students and my business.
I am a real believer in the idea that you can create your own "luck," and I have to tell you that one of the reasons I have had 33 years of "luck" is because I have had great mentors. Through your "Teachers Only" discussions and year-after-year "Hands On" example, you have been one of my mentors, giving me the tools and inspiration to run my business with integrity and pride. For example, many years ago, you and Julie Adler expounded on the value of a front desk person. At the time, I felt you were talking to someone else, since I had no budget or need for such an extravagant extra. Twenty years ago I gave it a try, and now I can't imagine trying to operate without her (she is my highest paid employee... and worth every penny!). Over the years your suggestions concerning recital, tuition, choreography, music choices, websites, etc. have been right on the money... THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Without fail, "Tremaine Weekend" has consistently given my students inspiration, enthusiasm, and appreciation for the art of dance. After being a part of the convention experience with your amazing faculty, they come back to my studio with a "fire" for class, craving critique, and desiring to work at their craft. They appreciate me and my teachers and have a renewed, healthy respect for other dancers and talent. My parents have a new found interest in all the positive aspects of the dance world, and have become educated right along with their kids.
Five years ago, I began bringing scholarship students to your LA Intensive. This amazing experience has now become part of our Competition Team operating budget, with dancers fundraising for a year to send eleven students "off to Hollywood." These lucky students are then required to produce a "Tremaine Experience" workshop for the rest of the team when they get back home, passing on choreography, technique, and "Dance Wisdom" they have gleaned from your teachers... a "pay it forward" lesson of sorts. It has been good for all!
Most of all, I want to thank you personally for being such a great example of success. I appreciate the way you are always there, always available, always "minding the store." Your influence has made me feel excited to be what I am and blessed to be able to do what I do - I am just one dance teacher speaking for hundreds more thanking you for what you have done for all of us!
Much love,
Debbie Jo

Dear Joe and Tremaine Family,

If I could look back on the past letters, I’m sure they would be very paralleled to my thoughts as I write this. In our lives we don’t always know what our "life memories" are until the thrill of them creeps into our body and gives us the very same chills of joy and excitement over again. Going to a Tremaine Convention, I get to relive those feelings and best yet, know that my students are getting a fabulous experience.

Please know that you have brought many life experiences to a place in my heart, which will be a part of me forever. And, to know that I’m just one of the thousands, or is it millions by now, that you’ve made a difference in our lives. What a legacy.

Of course, Doug"ie", Desiree, and Joelle are so dear to my heart, but your whole staff is such an important part of dance education, and living proof of the passion. And as a final note please let Brandi and Keith know how much we teachers appreciate being more than just a number and paperwork. They always are so friendly, while maintaining a very efficient, professional character. Again, a reflection of your leadership that we all benefit from.

Always "gotta dance"
For the Glory of God,
Cathy Gillaspie-Hillyer
Showtime Childrens Dance

Dance to me in a nut shell is TREMAINE!! Why? When I was very young my mother Judi went to Tremaine Nationals in Las Vegas. I had to be 9 or 10 years old, but I wanted to dance so bad. She enrolled me in the junior ballroom. I was a hot mess, but I loved it! Doug Caldwell pulled me up on stage, and I danced to "I Feel the Earth Move". It was the most amazing thing I had ever done. I knew then, it was what I wanted to do. I continued to go to Tremaine Conventions and Competitions through my teen years. I assisted, and eventually opened up my own studio, and brought students to it as a teacher.
What would dance be without Tremaine around? Not very fun. Where else do you hear Joe say "rubber legs, rubber legs"?
Tremaine, I love what you've done, and what you continue to do. Congratulations on 25 years, and 25 more to come.
With love,
Brian Friedman, B Free

Dear Tremaine,
Attending a Tremaine Convention is like going home. The organization seems to specialize in hospitality and personal attention. We have traveled quite a bit and used to attend a variety of other conventions. We have settled on Tremaine as our annual regional and national destination because our students learn more than dance.
Tremaine has struck the perfect balance between nurturing a love of dance and putting the students in a cutting edge, highly competitive environment. From our large past experience, we know this is very difficult to do. Joe is the Master. His insight into dance and education is unparalleled.
We are proud to be associated with the Tremaine organization. This is a top notch organization with highly organized regional and national conventions and competitions. Every dance teacher should check out one of their regionals at least once.
Anita Olson
Anita's Dance Center

Dear Joe,
Just wanted to congratulate you on 25 years of dance! And might I add you still look fabulous! It's been so many years since my scholarship term but I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to dance with you. It has always been one of the greatest impacts in my life of dance. Hope you are well, think of you often! Congrats again.

Debbie Gould

Dear Joe,
Thank you for a terriffic weekend in Los Angeles. The kids and parents all had a great time, they loved the classes and the parents loved the professional atmosphere... so well run and organized! I especially loved Laurie Johnson. her tap is the best by far at any convention, she is a rare and beautiful gem!

It was great to see you, I really enjoyed the teacher workshop as I found it very informative. My parents all loved you and thought you were very sweet! It was a great kick off for our Spring Break! Now it's back to the grind stone!! Best wishes for your Nationals. Hope to see you again next year!

Much Love & Deep Respect
Betsy Melber
Agoura Hills Dance

Dear Joe,
Hi! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your year! I'm bringing about 40 students to Memphis this year for regionals. We're all looking forward to it! We also plan to join you in Orlando for the 25th Anniversary. I know that it will be great! My students and I were once again thrilled and honored to receive "Performance Of The Year" with "Think It Over". We will never forget Chita Rivera giving their performance a standing ovation in the National Finals. That was a moment to remember.

Thank you for always having such a professional first class event. The education that you provide for teachers and dancers of all ages is fantastic! That's why we keep coming back! Thank you also for the personal touch that you and Julie always add to make everyone feel special! See you in a couple of weeks in Winston-Salem!

Sincerely, Celi Shinn

Thank you for a great weekend in KC! My students, staff and parents are motivated and excited to work. Thank you for being so great year after year. We loved Ian in ballet and my kids feel like personal friends of the staff. I also appreciate the personal touch. Joe and Doug, you both made an impression on Holly. She is wanting to watch ALL of the classes next year! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Love, Heidi

Thank you so much for allowing the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders to be part of your dance convention. We really enjoyed performing and watching everyone else. It felt so good to dance for all of the talented young ladies! I hope to work with you again in the future.

Cheers, Nicole

Dear Joe,
We all look forward to our Tremaine experience every year, it is such a tremendous infusion of energy and excitement! You must feel so proud to have your name synonymous with pure, positive, love of dance. I know you see hundreds of teachers, but you make all of us feel special, your presence at the convention is always inspiring. Bottom line... Thank you for making this weekend one of our special memories in our journey!

Love, Lori



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