*Minimum age for Paid Observers is 3 years old.
*Always Pre-Register with your studio to insure registration availability.
    Video Recording Devices of any type are Prohibited at Tremaine Dance Conventions and Competitions. No Video Recording Devices of any type are allowed at the Convention or Competition. No Camera Equipment allowed in ballroom area or competition that poses a danger (ie: tripods or monopods). Flash Photography is OK.

  • No Children under age 3
    Children under 3 years of age are prohibited from entering any ballroom during dance classes for any reason, without exception. This is for their safety. They are only permitted into the Competitions and Faculty Show.

  • Paid Observer Fees
    May be found on our registration forms by clicking Register in the Navigation Menu on the left and then clicking to "Download Registration PDF" for the season you will be attending.

  • Parents or Non-Dancers Only
    Parents or Non-Dancers ONLY, attending with registered students in the Junior, Teen, or Senior ballrooms, may register as paid observers.

  • Observers Cannot Be
    Observers Cannot be Dancers, Teachers, Studio Owners, Managers or Children under 3 years old. (No exceptions).

  • Observer I.D. Bracelets
    Observer I.D. Bracelets (those registered for the entire convention) will allow you to observe in the Student Ballrooms, the Competition and the Faculty Show. One Day I.D. Bracelets only allow you into the Student Ballrooms for the day of purchase.

  • No Luggage or Large Items
    No luggage or large items will be allowed into the Ballrooms Due to space and safety concerns. You may check any luggage or large items with the Hotel Bell Desk. All dance bags, ice chests, etc., must fit under hotel chairs in the teaching rooms in compliance with Fire Marshall regulations.  You may check items with the Bell Desk.  All chairs in ballrooms must remain against the walls for space and safety concerns.  No outside chairs allowed in ballrooms or convention areas.