Dancing Plus

BIO 2005:

After high school, I moved to L.A. and stayed for about 4 years. I danced in movies, music videos, awards shows, industrials, television and also did some company work. I got the opportunity to work with some amazing choreographers such a Marguerite Derricks, Fatima Robson and Robin Antin. I am now back in Florida working to complete my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and teaching on a regular basis at the studio I attended while growing up, Dancing Plus. I am also recently married and expecting my first baby in October 2005! My time as a DOTY was invaluable for me. It showed me how to attend to the choreographer you’re working with. It made me more aware of the things that they expect from you as a dancer and the details to pay attention to while they are teaching their choreography. This came in handy while working with any choreographer not to mention when I was auditioning, and being "behind the scenes" at Tremaine helped me see what choreographers look for in dancers during an audition. Also, the friends that I made throughout the whole experience were people I either lived with, worked with, took class with, or just hung out with once I made the move to L.A. (Katy Tate, Chris Moss, Emily Zachary, Josh Smith, Shea Spencer, Brooke Lipton, Tawney Giles and Jason Beitel). Lastly, knowing the staff of Tremaine has opened doors for me that I never would have imagined.