Larkin Dance Studio

BIO 2005:

Since winning DOTY in 1993, I have been busy dancing professionally nonstop, performing in everything from cruise ships to huge concert tours, TV awards shows to the Las Vegas stage. I have performed with such artists as Shania Twain, Prince, Mary J Blige, Anastasia, Penn & Teller and Mylene Farmer to name a few. I’ve also appeared on the Country Music Awards and Divas Live. Working with some of the industry greats that I grew up watching has been unbelievable and having been offered some great shows from Broadway to big industrials has proven to be life changing. Joe Tremaine and the whole staff were some the greatest people to grow up around, not only for dance but for friendship also, I know that it sounds cheesy but it's true! Tremaine has been a staple in the dance community for the past 25 years and Tremaine will to continue to be the standard in dance for years to come.