Paradigm Dance Project

Teacher(s) Marissa VanDanacker & Kim Whipple

Hi, my name is Jaden Kramer and I’m 14 years old and going into my Freshman year of high school. I am a proud member of Paradigm Dance Project located in Winona, Minnesota, directed by Marissa VanDanacker ,where I partake in tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and ballet.  With the instruction at Paradigm Dance Project and the conventions and competitions such as Tremaine, I have grown tremendously as a dancer. Even more importantly I have developed personal skills such as determination, dedication, hard work, and passion that makes me a stronger and better person.

I have been dancing for 9 years. My favorite style of dance is contemporary but enjoy doing all styles which helps me to be a well-rounded dancer. Besides dance, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I started dance classes when I was 5 years old, and have been competing since I was 7. Growing up watching my older sister dance and the passion she had for it inspired me to start dance classes. I started out with hip hop but later on trained in all styles.  From then on my love and passion for dance has grown and has made me the dancer I am today. I attended my first Tremaine at 11 years old and realized I wanted to be part of the Tremaine family. Being chosen to be part of Tremaine has been a goal of mine and I am thrilled to have accomplished it.

I would like to thank my instructors Marissa VanDanacker, Kim Whipple and Tiffany Clair for helping me become the dancer I am today. I would also like to thank my friends and family for supporting me throughout my dance career and believing in me. 
I would like to thank Joe Tremaine for giving me this amazing opportunity to become Teen Male Dancer of the Year. I would also like to thank the staff and faculty for helping me grow not only as a dancer but also as an individual. I am very grateful to have received this accomplishment and I can’t wait for this exciting journey to begin.