In The Spotlight

Teacher(s) Tom & Jane Karaty

It has been such an honor to represent Tremaine as their Senior Male DOTY this year.  This experience has given me so many unforgettable memories and has taught me valuable lessons that I will take with me throughout my life.  I cannot thank my Tremaine family enough for pushing me to grow both as a person and a dancer.  This has been an experience of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful for it. 

My name is Jimmy Genovesi, I am currently 17 years old and starting my senior year of high school. I am from New Jersey, where I live at home with my parents and my two older brothers. 

I began dancing at the age of seven at a studio in Waldwick New Jersey, called In The Spotight.  This is where I was introduced to my current dance teachers, Tom and Jane Karaty, Candice Mancini, Lisa Danias and Mary No. I attended my first Tremaine nationals when I was ten years old, the following year I auditioned for the title of Junior male dancer of the year! I was fortunate enough to win the title of 2009-10 Junior Male Dancer of the Year. Such an honor for me to achieve at such a young age.

In the following years I was asked to be a part of the Tremaine Performance Program. This opportunity has allowed me to grow immensely. I have learned so many lessons that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Dancing next to insanely talented artists and an amazing staff has pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go. It has taken my dance training, in all styles, to a whole new level.

When I am not dancing, which is very rare, I like to enjoy time with my family and my friends by going to the beach, getting ice cream or simply just hanging out. 

It is such a huge honor to be the Tremaine 2015-2016 Senior Male Dancer Of The Year. I would like to thank Joe Tremaine for all of the amazing opportunities that he has provided for me. The Tremaine Staff for pushing me farther than I thought I could ever go and my teachers back home for everything they have done for me. Also, thank you to my parents for supporting me for all of these years. I can’t wait for what is in store during this journey!