In The Spotlight

Teacher(s) Tom Karaty, Candice Mancini, Mary No & Lisa Danias

When I was named Dancer of the Year I had no idea what journey was ahead of me. I didn't realize how much fun it was to assist classes, be in the faculty show and travel all around the US. Being named Dancer of the Year has meant to much to me and now I am ready to hand my title over to another great dancer. I want to thank Joe Tremaine and the entire Tremaine faculty for giving me this amazing opportunity.

My name is Aidan Gibney. I am 10 years old and going into 5th grade. I have a younger sister Erin, an older sister Kelly, a mom and dad, and a dog named Toby.

Before starting dance 3 years ago I was your typical boy, playing sports like baseball and lacrosse. Up until then, I didn’t know anything about dance competitions or conventions. But then I went to see my older sister Kelly dance in her first competition as part of the In The Spotlight dance company from Waldwick, NJ.

When I walked into the room where dance classes took place it felt like I entered a whole new world. I saw my sister making new friends, learning new moves and having lots of fun! When I saw that, I decided to dance.

The next year I joined the dance company at In The Spotlight. When I went to my first Tremaine competition, I found out about DOTY. Since then it’s been my dream to become Dancer of the Year. Being recognized as the 2010-2011 DOTY has been a dream come true.