University Performing Arts Centre

Teacher(s) Judi Freed-Siegfried

"This is it, this is the edge where you decide if you're going to fall or soar." That is what Keri told me during my first city in Las Vegas. I've heard this quote before, but it never meant more to me than at that moment. I started off very unconfident, afraid to push my own limits; but being a Tremaine Dancer of the Year has changed all of that. Traveling with Joe Tremaine and his faculty has been such a blessing. Thank you a thousand times.

Hello, my name is Mattison King. I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school. Coming from an artsy family, I have always enjoyed playing music, writing poetry, drawing/painting, and making clothes. I grew up as a soccer player until I first saw competitive dance when I was watching my cousin perform at an Orlando Tremaine Dance Convention. This inspired me; therefore, I insisted that my parents enroll me in dance at University Performing Arts Centre in Oviedo, Florida. I started my training at age 11 when I began taking a jazz and lyrical class once a week. I soon realized this was something that I love to do. Dance became more than a hobby to me, it became my life. I’ve spent 6 years competitively dancing and attending many conventions, where I have been honored with top awards and scholarships. My goal is to be an inspiration and to share that it is never too late to start something as long as you have the hard work, passion and dedication - you can follow your dreams and do anything.

I am extremely blessed to have a family that has always supported me and allowed me to do what I love. I would not be where I am today without the love of my family and my faith in the Lord. Thank You to Ms. Judi Freed- Siegfried and the teachers at UPAC for providing me with the training I needed to become the dancer that I am today. I would also like to thank Ms. Savannah Blass for always believing in me and helping me discover the potential I have as a performer.

After high school I hope to attend Point Park University and pursue a degree in dance. After college, I aspire to join a contemporary company on the East Coast. I plan to one day express my creativity and innovation through choreography. I am thrilled to be honored as the 2010-2011 Senior Female Dancer of the Year. I give all of my glory to God, and look forward to an amazing year traveling with Joe Tremaine and his faculty. Thank you again for providing me this opportunity to grow and develop my training as a dancer.