Machita & Co., Inc.

Teacher(s) Machita Eyre

Being the 2009-10 Senior Female Dancer of the Year has been an amazing journey. Over the last year I have grown as a dancer and person. I have had the opportunity to form friendships that will last forever. It has been a privilege to learn from such an incredible faculty. I am truly blessed. I would like to thank Joe Tremaine and his staff for giving me this unbelievable experience and for making my dream come true.

BIO AUG. 2009
My name is Jade Prejean and I am a senior in high school, where I am an honor student and senior class President. I am also the captain of my high school dance team. After high school I plan to attend Louisiana State University then move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in commercial dance.

This is my 15th year at Machita & Co., Inc. I have danced competitively for seven years and have been honored with many scholarships from various dance conventions. My love for dance has brought me on a journey to travel, take class from, and work with the dance industries top choreographers such as Joe Tremaine and his faculty, Mark Meismer, Katy Tate, Justin Giles, and Kim Wolfe. I would like to thank them for inspiring me and pushing me to be a better dancer. I would also like to thank Mrs. Machita Eyre and her staff for their loyal dedication and always encouraging me to be a better dancer and person.

I have two older sisters and best friends, Jordan and Jillian who have motivated me and inspired me with their love for dance, and I am truly blessed to have them by my side. I want to thank my family who support me, love me, and make many sacrifices in my dance journey.

Being a Senior Female DOTY is a dream to me. I have attended Tremaine Conventions for seven years and have been inspired by the faculty, the performance members, and past DOTY’s. I am honored to be Senior Female DOTY after my mentor Mrs. Machita Eyre, “2006-07 Teacher of the Year” and my biggest role model, my sister, Jordan Prejean, Senior Female DOTY 2007-08. I want to thank Joe Tremaine, Desiree Robbins, Keri LaGrand and the entire faculty for making my dream come true.