Jayde Howard's Dance Legacy

Teacher(s) Jayde Howard & Justine Coulon


My year as Junior Male DOTY was phenomenal. The privilege to train under, work and perform alongside the amazing Tremaine staff and performing company was truly an honor. I have not only grown physically and technically but also as a performer. More importantly I have come to understand that hard work plus passion equal success. Thank you Mr. Joe Tremaine and the entire Tremaine faculty for "inviting" me to be part of your awesome family.

My name is Keegan Wong. I am eleven years old and in the sixth grade. I live n Bradenton, Florida - an average size town on the west coast of Florida. I am the middle child of three. I have a younger sister that also dances and an older brother who helps with props for the dance team. I also have two dogs, a cat and a turtle.

I discovered dance kind of by accident. I attended a preschool that had 30 minutes of dance/creative movement everyday. That is where I met my present teachers, Mr. Jayde and Ms. Justine. At six years old I attended my first convention/competition. It just happened to be a Tremaine Regional competition. I competed in a duo choreographed by Mr. Jayde I was hooked. I have been dancing and competing ever since. I am currently a student at Jayde Howard's Dance Legacy. My dance week includes ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, funk fusion and rhythm flex. I hope to continue dancing thru school and beyond. I have experienced so many awesome things already at such a young age because of dance and am looking forward to so much more. I will be attending a performing arts school where I hope to broaden my scope to include drama and musical theatre.

When I am not dancing or helping out at the family business, my indoor fun includes video games, rock band and karaoke. Being from the west coast of Florida naturally means I enjoy the water - fishing, boating, jet skiing and knee-boarding. I recently discovered kayaking. Snow skiing and tubing are also high on my list of vacation likes.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful, supportive family that includes not just my dad, mom, brother and sister, but also my dance teammates, my church family and my school. That support is truly priceless.

I know this is a true honor and I am so excited to be a part of everything Tremaine has to offer and stands for. Thank you to the entire staff for everything you have shared with me in the past and I am looking forward to everything you will be sharing this season.