Dance Workshop

BIO 2005:

I was only 8 years old when I won the title of Tremaine Junior Male DOTY but my life has been really busy ever since. I am now 11 and here are just a few of my personal accomplishments since my term. In July 2003, I was named National Mr. WCDE 2nd Runner-up in Las Vegas and Regional Mr. WCDE Runner-up in Dallas, TX, in October 2003. In 2004 I achieved the following: Junior High Jump Runner-up in Dallas, TX, Regional, Mr. WCDE in Houston, TX, Junior One Time Scholarship winner from Tremaine in Tulsa, First Runner-Up at Star Power Talent Competition in Arlington, TX, Tap Scholarship winner and Outstanding Dancer at NYCDA in Dallas, TX, and Regional Mr. WCDE Runner-Up in Dallas, TX. So far in 2005, I have won a Year Long Scholarship from Tremaine in New Orleans, LA, and Junior High Jump Runner-Up in Dallas, TX. I’m active in baseball and plan to play football next year. I am also a brown belt in karate! I know all the things I accomplished in dance is due to the confidence I got from my year as a DOTY.