Southern Dazzle Dance Co.

BIO 2005:

Since my year as a DOTY, my life has changed greatly. I decided to change dance studios. So, I attempted to continue dancing elsewhere but could not find a dance home where I was comfortable. I was asked to join a competition cheerleading/dance team and chose to do so. BIG MISTAKE! I was not born to be a cheerleader. I ended up tearing my ACL and LCL and wound up having major knee surgery during my senior year in high school. Then life got a little better. I went to a scholarship competition at a private college in Georgia and won a full, four-year academic scholarship at Mercer University in Macon. I miss dance more than anyone could imagine. I know my dreams of dancing professionally were smothered when I hurt my knee, but I hope to eventually teach dance. I will never forget my year as DOTY and I am eternally grateful to everyone that traveled with Tremaine that year. I wish ALL of you the best! Hopefully, my competition dancers will compete at Tremaine in the future!