Columbia City Jazz

Before I ever became a Tremaine DOTY, my first professional job was "Clara" in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular when I was in the seventh grade. Then in the ninth grade, I traveled to Singapore with my studio’s dance company and performed for two weeks. It was such a great experience. Some of the titles I’ve attained are: Jr. Miss Superstar, Teen Miss Superstar, Sr. Miss Superstar, Jr. Miss StarQuest, Sr. Miss StarQuest, Miss Rising Star and Sr. Miss Dynamite. I’ve also won top soloist awards at: Star Systems, StarQuest, Rising Star and Dynamite. The various scholarships that I’ve won have allowed me to train everywhere from the LA Performing Arts Center to Broadway Dance Center in New York. I’ve also had the privilege to assist for Tremaine Dance Conventions, Success America and Jason Parsons at New York City Dance Alliance, as well as being one of the first members of the new Tremaine Performance Company. After high school I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dance career. I wasn't in LA very long when I filmed the Tremaine Work Tape breakdowns for Desiree and Doug and appeared in Doug's Lyrical Video. I signed with MSA talent agency but then decided that I wanted to move home to get my degree first. Now, I am going to college for a degree in Finance, taking dance classes for myself and teaching classes as well. I also travel all over the country to stage choreography and teach classes for various studios. Being a DOTY was such a great experience, one that I will never forget. It allowed me to travel all over the US and meet so many new people. It's really neat to know people anywhere you go. It has also allowed me to meet some amazing choreographers that I have gotten to know very well and who I have continued to work with.