West Side Performing Arts

BIO 2005:

I still remember my very first Tremaine convention when I was 9 years old. At the end of the first day, I was so excited about all of the classes I had taken. I was hooked! Every one of the talented faculty had inspired me and encouraged me to keep learning and working hard to become the best dancer I could be. I am now 22 years old and Tremaine has been a part of my life every step of the way. I have learned many things over the years, but the most important thing I learned was to be myself. They taught me how to find out who I was and to be proud of what I have to offer. “There has never been someone just like me before, and there never will be again.” And for that, I will be forever grateful to my Tremaine family.

Since Lindsey was DOTY, she graduated high school, attended Florida State University for a year in their dance program and has since completed her studies in the musical theater program at the American Musical Dramatics Academy in New York. She also toured the United States in the National Tour of "Fosse" as a featured dancer as well as dancing the signature trumpet solo. Currently she is pursuing a career on Broadway.