In The Spotlight

BIO 2005:

Since dance, I've been working really hard on soccer. I have since moved to Prague, Czech Republic to play for a professional club called Sparta Praha. It is a whole new experience living away from home, like making dinner, doing my laundry, and not having my family's presence. There is a lot of sacrifice involved but, it is worth it because this is my dream. I still dance . . . In the clubs and in my apartment, blasting music to its highest volume. Dance is a part of me and I owe a lot of credit to it. Many people say that I have a unique style of playing and owe a lot of it to dance and how you have to move your body, it helps in soccer a lot. I miss being up on stage making people smile and showing everyone your talents, I do the same thing now, only on a different stage. Traveling with Tremaine and getting to assist one of my dancing idols-Wade Robson, will always be in my memories. I want to thank Joe and the staff for allowing me to participate in a great competition with talented dancers and most importantly, great people.