In The Spotlight

BIO 2005:

After I finished my year on tour with Tremaine, I continued dancing and competing. I went on to win the National Senior Outstanding Dancer at NYC Dance Alliance (their version of a DOTY) and toured with them my senior year of high school. After I graduated high school, I attended New York University for four years and just graduated in May with a BA degree and a double major in Journalism and Politics. I spent my four years at college living and loving NYC and taking dance classes whenever I had some free time, which became more and more scarce. I also studied in London for six months and ended up teaching a few classes at their Pineapple Dance Studio. I still teach dance classes at a few studios and take class when I can. Now, I am a college graduate and on a mission to find a job! In college, I worked with several newspapers and magazines at my university and in the NY area, and I hope to become a writer and a journalist in the VERY near future!