Mr. Robson received our first ever Entertainer of the Year Award during our 23th Annual National Finals Gala on July 10, 2004, at the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World.
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(2004 Biography)
He was probably a prodigy before he knew what the word meant. He has a list of clients that tops off around Britney Spears and *NSYNC. He is Wade J. Robson, a creative entity. You’ve seen his work all over television, motion pictures, music videos, sold out concerts, award ceremonies and elsewhere.
Wade, Australian by birth and American by choice, made an entrance into entertainment and never looked back. By the time he was seven, he had appeared in three of Michael Jackson’s biggest videos-“ Black or White. “Jam” and “Heal the World.” From this point there were Academy Awards performances, television appearances, rap albums, music production, dance classes (teaching them, that is), acting roles in major motion pictures and choreography. And then he turned sixteen.
Black or White
Heal the World
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This was around the time he received a request to choreograph routines for Britney Spears. After seeing his talent first hand, Britney chose to not only continue to use Wade as a choreographer but instead he would direct her entire stage show, choreographing her every move, re-mixing the music, even designing the sets. He has since choreographed and appeared with Britney in her first Pepsi commercial.
He choreographed, wrote and produced the jingle and co-directed Britney's second Pepsi Commercial, danced in the extremely popular GAP commercial campaign, masterminded *NSYNC’s 2001 MTV Music Awards performance and their 2001 Pop Odyssey Tour, as well as their dynamic showings at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards and their 2000 No Strings Attached Tour.
The relationship with Britney and *NSYNC continues to flourish, as Wade co-wrote and produced 4 songs from *NSYNC’s multi-platinum Celebrity album. As tour director for Britney’s 2001 A Dream Within A Dream Tour, Wade’s insane schedule was forced once again to conform to his unbreakable will, especially when her duet with Justin Timberlake, “What It’s Like To Be Me,” was performed live in front of millions of faithful fans (which coincidentally was co-written and produced by Wade).
Wade also brought his gift and love for dance to television. His MTV show, The Wade Robson Project, searched all over for that raw talent and gave dancers everywhere a chance to fulfill their dreams. The show was a huge success. So now Wade Robson can no longer be considered a prodigy. He is now a professional choreographer, dancer, music producer, tour director, recording artist, actor, feature film & music video director.

UPDATE: Wades 2007 Choreography Reel